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  1. I suggest making the F-35! Not only is this the biggest defense project in history, but it's also proven (by the F-16) that military planes are real populair still . And personally I think it's stupid that there hasn't been a good F-35 for FSX yet!
  2. I would think so, yes. You could always try .
  3. I think it could be a joystick issue indeed, because all my planes tend to turn and yaw to the left when taking of. I'm gonna look for the true problem now .
  4. Well I tried doing a low-speed barrel roll and I made that one almost sideways when I came out of the roll. But mostly it's when I level out after turning starboard I drift a bit starboard while I should be flying straight .
  5. Hey! I seem to be able to do magical things with this aircraft! If I fly slowly (as in below 200kts) and I make a turn I somehow end up flying a tad bit sideways after the turn... I haven't tested this with all flight models though, only with the RNLAF J-055 (and J-016). This is without winds blowing me away! Can anyone tell me if this is supposed to happen? Because I never knew this was possible with a plane .
  6. Well, they did announce the new scheme would be shocking. I think they did a good job on that .
  7. Seems like the site has been taken down. However, there is a photo available here: <Click this link!>
  8. Hey everyone! The new J-015 got spotted today in it's new colours! Personally I think it's extremely nice, but it's going to take some time to get used to it. It does stand out from the crowd though . Here are the photo's! RNLAF J-015
  9. I found a few interesting ones Lookie at these! http://www.f-16.net/modules/Gallery2/galle...aa954100a6ea21d http://www.amv83.fr/Asm/Sig/europe/belgium...sary%20bird.jpg http://www.amv83.fr/Asm/Sig/europe/belgium/f16/f16comete.jpg http://www.amv83.fr/Asm/Sig/europe/belgium/f16/fa67_02.jpg And there are alot more on that site :http://www.amv83.fr/Asm/gallerie.htm
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