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  1. Hello Mathijs; Just checking to see if you had any update on this. Still AES unable to recognize the scenery. Best Regards. Forshaw
  2. Fantastic, thank you. Looking forward to hearing back. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  3. Hi Mathijs; Thanks for your response I appreciate it. Is this something AES will look into and confirm. Just want to know so that I don't miss anything. Thanks. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  4. Hi Does AES v2.45a support LVER KMIA V4 scenery (FSX)? I have V3 which I know it supports but when I upgraded to V4 (and also bought credits for AES and upgraded to 2.45a) I noticed that it didn't pick up V4 but just V3. Also when I launched v3 scenery and tired to launch AES to get the Demo it didn't launch. I am surprised if it doesn't support it since V4 was released in 2017 and AES 2.45 is very recent. Are there plans to support it in the very near future ? Thanks very much. Kindest Regards. Forshaw
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