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  1. Fantastic, thank you. Looking forward to hearing back. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  2. Hi Mathijs; Thanks for your response I appreciate it. Is this something AES will look into and confirm. Just want to know so that I don't miss anything. Thanks. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  3. Hi Does AES v2.45a support LVER KMIA V4 scenery (FSX)? I have V3 which I know it supports but when I upgraded to V4 (and also bought credits for AES and upgraded to 2.45a) I noticed that it didn't pick up V4 but just V3. Also when I launched v3 scenery and tired to launch AES to get the Demo it didn't launch. I am surprised if it doesn't support it since V4 was released in 2017 and AES 2.45 is very recent. Are there plans to support it in the very near future ? Thanks very much. Kindest Regards. Forshaw
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