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  1. Hello, I have still the issue with loosing mangaed flight speed now only at cruise. I just flew some days not with the aerosoft so i wantet to do a flight again with the aerosoft airbus. I flew from EDDH to LIRF with the A320 CFM. i was doing some thing in my home and suddenly i heard the sound from Airbus and i saw that the Airbus was only 140 fast in stall speed with toga lk activatet and already lightly stalling the managed speed droped in the mid of the cruise to 120 knots. on climb was all good. That bug become for me more and more frustrating it make no fun to fly this plane with this bug.


    I have a clean reinstall of Windows 10

    (GTX 970

    CPU: Intel 6700 k at 4.5

    16 gb ram


    i use p3d v4.4 ( clean reinstall too)

    The airbus has the newerst version and i have installed it with administrator rights and antivirus was off.


    i had this problem few weeks ago too see my older post. But there was the problem already on climb in this flight only on cruise.


  2. Hello, i have the same problem with the new update. The manged speed goes down in the climb to only 220 knots.

    Update: then i reach cruise the managed speed goes down to only 120 knotes so need to fly with selcceted speed. you can see in the MCDU that the managed speed normaly set right (.78)

    I have version installer from aerosoft.

    Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.31 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.31 -

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  3. vor 17 Stunden , Mathijs Kok sagte:

    Jonas, we have had 34 people with this issue and for 24 it was solved by making sure the sim was correct (we do not have feedback from the others). I am sorry to be so clear but we are simply 99.9% sure this does not happen on a correct sim. Something in your installation must contain old files.

    That can´t be possible becuase its downlaoded from LM 4.3 and my win 10 is new reinstal. I checked it to in the Apps and Features all says its anyway is there then a option to disable the elmos fire? or delete a texture?

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