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  1. Thank you. I will give it a shot with GO2 as well then. It's still strange, though, I have never seen any problem like that. There must be some weird interaction between the ZonePhoto tile and the airport.
  2. I love that approach, it is a very nice middle ground between Orthos (which take a lot of space and can look bad if the source images are of inconsistent quality) and the ugly default X-Plane textures. Please keep using it. Actually, your sceneries are one of the main reasons why I developed my little Transparency4Ortho tool... I hated to make the choice of switching on or off road textures globally when flying from Iceland or Norway (where I have Orthos available and don't want to see the X-Plane roads) to Svalbard or Vágar -- where I most definitely do want to see the roads, because the scenery is relying on them. And I've flown these legs dozens of times now.
  3. So you have the mesh that comes with Bergen disabled as well, correct? I have not tried to build my own tiles with Ortho4XP for southern Norway yet, because I think the ones from ZonePhoto are fantastic. It's actually the only region in Europe for which I downloaded the tiles instead of building my own, because they are that good. They are from a norwegian image provider I have not yet managed to get working in Ortho4XP myself.
  4. Is there any news on that? I also have that problem with the latest version of Bergen. The version before worked just fine with both, ZonePhoto and Aerosoft ENBR enabled. If I enable the Mesh that comes with ENBR, the long loading time is gone - but I lose the orthos for the tile, obviously.
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