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  1. Hello Heinz, Sorry for my late reply and thank you for your help and support. Kind regards and have a merry Christmas, Daniel
  2. Hello everybody, Recently I changed from P3Dv5 to XP11 and I am quite happy with it. Unfortunately at my home aiport (Zurich, LSZH) the used runways for departure and arrivals are not really the ones used in reality (takeoffs at RWY16 [mainly Heavies from Terminal E] and RWY28 (shorthaul and midhaul aircrafts from Terminal A und B) and landings usually on RWY 14 and sometimes on RWY28. RWY32 is never used for landing and rarely for takeoff. RWY34 is often used in the early morning for landing and in the late evening for takeoff due to noise abatement restrictions in Southern Germany. RWY10 is also rarely in use. I know that most likely it's difficult to bring reality to this complex runway system in Zurich. I also had problems with P3D but ADE allowed me at least to close some runways for takeoff and landing. Unfortunately, I have absolute no clue how to do this within XP11 but as far as I understood, these data are stored in the apt.dat file of the airport so maybe it is possible to make the changes there. Is somebody familiar or has somebody perhaps a good apt.dat that comes closer to reality that the one that is delivered with the airport? It would be very appreciated. Thank you very much for your help and support. Kind regards, Daniel P.S. In addition, the ATIS frequency is also not the same as mentioned in the official charts. Maybe it is possible to change this as well.
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