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  1. Hello Eduard, I have installed Olbia a couple of months ago but it was not working as I wished so I uninstalled it again. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore what was wrong. Conclusion: Olbia is not working in P3Dv4 as requested. Regards, Daniel
  2. Hello Stefan, It all depends of your settings of course but I doubt that your graphic card with only 3 GB and the HDD will bring you nice frames with your mentioned products. I would prefer a much better graphic card and also an SSD if you would like to get acceptable frames. I use a NVIDIA GTX 1080ti with 11GB and two SSD for the operating system and P3Dv4 but I am far away from having good frames in all conditions like bad weather etc. Regards, Daniel
  3. You might better open a new topic because this is the MA Singapore X preview topic and not Bali. In addition, I don't understand why you use 5 questions mark in your sentence. It's unpolite and 1 question mark might be enough.
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