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  1. Hello Eduard, I have installed Olbia a couple of months ago but it was not working as I wished so I uninstalled it again. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore what was wrong. Conclusion: Olbia is not working in P3Dv4 as requested. Regards, Daniel
  2. Hello Stefan, It all depends of your settings of course but I doubt that your graphic card with only 3 GB and the HDD will bring you nice frames with your mentioned products. I would prefer a much better graphic card and also an SSD if you would like to get acceptable frames. I use a NVIDIA GTX 1080ti with 11GB and two SSD for the operating system and P3Dv4 but I am far away from having good frames in all conditions like bad weather etc. Regards, Daniel
  3. C'est la section anglaise du Forum ici. Je te conseil d'écrire ton message en section française ci-dessous. (This is the English section of the forum here. I recommend you that you write your message in the french section further below)
  4. Most likely this has to do with the AFX file (Afcad) as it might have been modified so that all runways can be used (e.g. runway 28 and 16 for takeoffs and 14 for landings). This is necesssary because Zurich has a crossing runway and without this kind of runway programming, it's not possible to use all of them
  5. You might better open a new topic because this is the MA Singapore X preview topic and not Bali. In addition, I don't understand why you use 5 questions mark in your sentence. It's unpolite and 1 question mark might be enough.
  6. Hello Oliver, Great that you were able to fix the VDGS in Malaga so fast. May I ask you to check the VDGS in Zurich (P3Dv4) as well because I have there the same problem that the aircrafts are not in line correctly at the gates. I always thought that this has to do with the sim and cannot be fixed but now I believe that you might have a solution for this issue. If you like that I make a separate thread, please let me know. Thanks a lot. Regards, Daniel
  7. Great! Issue is solved. Thanks for your quick and fast support. I appreciate it a lot. Regards, Daniel
  8. Hello, apart from the missing SODE, I have big red crosses at the jetways. Any idea how to get rid of them? Thanks a lot. Regards, Daniel
  9. Ups, sorry. I didn't see that already a topic has been opened for this issue. Please ignore this post. Thank you, Daniel
  10. Hello all, I just have recognized that the wheater and tracks are not updating in PFPX anymore. It says "Please wait" for minutes but nothing happens. No wind data are available and none of the tracks. Is it possible that the service/server is down? Thanks for your feedback in advance. Kind regards, Daniel
  11. Hello, Thank you for your help. I already tried different settings in the light configurator from Orbx but unfortunately without any success. The pictures on Orbx' website look amazing and I wonder how I can get these kind of lights as well. Mine are too yellow, too bright and too big despite the fact that I have set the lights to "very small" and the brightness of the white lights to "big". The user Masterhawk (@masterhawk) has published a great image with superb lights around Frankfurt Professional recently and I hope that he or somebody else can give me a hint how to get such lights as well. What are the settings used in the light configurator to get such lights? Help is very much appreciated, thank you in advance. Regards, Daniel
  12. Hello everybody, After seeing a picture of a great night lighting in P3D v4 around the airport of Frankfurt Professional, I wonder why my night lighting with Orbx Global, Orbx Vector and OpenLC Europe/OpenLC North America is so yellow, far too bright and why the lights are so big despite the fact that I have set them to "very small" in the light configurator. Is there a way to get them more white and decent as they look on Orbx' website? Thank you for your help. Regards, Daniel
  13. Hello Bob, I am also fighting with the lights in P3D v4 and I wonder how you get this superb night lighting at your first picture. I know that this is off topic because it's not a question about Frankfurt but maybe you are able to give me a hint. I am using Orbx Global, Orbx Vector and OpenLC Europe but the lights of the cities/towns and the streets are far too yellow and far to bright. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a solution with the lights configuration in FTX Central. Kind regards, Daniel
  14. Hello Oliver, Thank you so much for your help and support. I already use your patch for the green dot lights but your explanation helped me to understand the technical issues with the runway lights. Let's hope that LM will add one day a full configurable runwaylight code into P3D. Kind regards and have a great evening, Daniel
  15. Hello everybody, I wonder if it's normal that the runway lights at EDDF are so bright and not very sharp. In addition, they seem to be kind of 2D images so that they look flat from the side (see picture 1). I don't have this problem at other airports (neither payware nor default airports): Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards, Daniel
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