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  1. I painted quite a few Candian Beavers, mainly from the Labrador region, some were included in one of the official updates to the Beaver so you should already have those. As mopperle said, there are some in the download section (I just added two repaints) of the forums and more at avsim. If you search for Aerosoft Beaver you should be able to find them.

  2. Mathijs,

    Just to let you know that the last Perris Valley Skydiving photo is an old shot, as the aircraft has been repainted into the following livery,


    Not that it matters I guess especially as the new one is similar to the grey shark.

    As for other liveries how about this USAFA one,


    If the vertical (seaplane) fins on the horizontal stabilizer are an issue I understand that they are trying to get an exemption to remove them.

    Nathan H

    PS. Thanks for linking some of my A.net photos!!

  3. I just read the review on avsim and it gets a gold star, so congratulations to all involved.

    I work for a company based in Muenster and have flow into FMO many times so having looked at the screenshots it is exactly as I recall, you guys have done a great job with this scenery.

    Any idea on the FSX release date?, I know I could order the FS9 copy and then wait for the free upgrade but I'd rather not bother with that if the FSX version is going to be released soon.



  4. Well I just picked up the Seahawk after being a bit of a helo-phobe and I have to say I love it. So of course the next thing I had to do was repaint it! So here are some screen shots of an HSL-42 repaint. I should have it available on avsim later today, aong with another very basic repaint.





  5. That only works on the Aerosoft Beaver (as far as the rotating of the textures goes) the rest of it should be ok if the textures are the same layout.

    As Mike says that will get you up and running but the specular textures will still be for the old plane and thus there will be some discrepancies in that area. Try it and see if it works for you. I have been editing all the specular textures too, but leave the bump ones alone.

    Also I have found a few of my FS9 textures do not completely line up in FSX and so I have had to tweak some of the repaints especially in the door and cowling areas. This very much depends on the repaint though so you just have to try it and see.

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