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  1. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.2.19 0300 hrs GMT, Part IV Leg 17: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Intl. Airport (VECC) - Shah Amanat Intl. Airport (VGEG) Route: CEA Approx Distance: 194 NM Leg 18: Shah Amanat Intl. Airport (VGEG) - Luang-Chiang Rai Intl. Airport (VTCT) Route: CTG AVDAX APAGO 70MDY MDY SISUK Approx Distance: 519 NM Leg 19: Luang-Chiang Rai Intl. Airport (VTCT) - Noibai Intl. Airport (VVNB) Route: PONUK A581 SAGAG LADON Approx Distance: 360 NM Updating my flight log after a long long time on a Saturday morning. I have been terribly lazy to be honest about posting pics and writing about my flight adventures. I feel like I am working not just for my airline company but also for the cat. Work without pay of course. Have fallen behind in this adventure and will need to make up for all the lost time. So I won't waste too much time in writing and focus on planning the next part of my journey. Bidding farewell to family at Calcutta (NSC Bose Intl.) Crossing into Bangladesh... Approaching Shah Amanat Intl. Airport Getting ready for departure from Shah Amanat Intl. after stocking good quantities of Biryani... Approaching Luang-Chiang Getting ready to depart for Noibai Cleared for takeoff Approaching Noibai Intl.
  2. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.1.23 0100 hrs GMT, Part III Leg 15: Raja Bhoj Airport (VABP) - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Intl. Airport (VECC) Route: BPL JJB JRS JJS2G Approx Distance: 662 NM I was visibly excited for my next leg - Calcutta where I was born. It is a nostalgic feeling walking down the roads and seeing how some things never change. For the first time we won't be staying at a hotel but at our own home. I was desperately hoping for some clear weather over Calcutta but unfortunately it was not going to be so. The visibility was decent at Raja Bhoj and all the way, but misty as I arrived at Bose Intl. I however got my CJ4 to fly this route. We had very few passengers this time - since this route is not that common. People usually prefer traveling by trains for such short distances. This was going to be the longest leg so far and was expected to take about couple of hours. I was kept at holding for a while because of traffic and poor visibility but still made it in exactly 2 hrs flight time. Note to myself - stock up food for the cat so that we don't have to worry until we reach Honk Kong. No idea if they enjoy Pan Asian cuisine. Early morning inspection at Raja Bhoj Cleared for takeoff Approach and landing at VECC
  3. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.1.20 0227 hrs GMT, Part II Leg 13: Karachi Jinnah Intl. Airport (OPKC) - Chatrapati Shivaji Intl. Airport (VABB) Route: DANGI TELEM LAXOM BVR IPNIB BOFIN Approx Distance: 530 NM Part III Leg 14: Chatrapati Shivaji Intl. Airport (VABB) - Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (VAID) Route: BBB SEKVI KAKPO PUNOR PEGNU UPMAV IID Approx Distance: 294 NM Leg 15: Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (VAID) - Raja Bhoj Airport (VABP) Route: DIRECT Approx Distance: 102 NM I must confess, I haven't been serious about updating my diary on our adventures partly due to administrative work that my company had kept for me, as well has having to take my companions for a tour of my own country - not counting the amount of time I have spent giving Pippin a pedicure / manicure. Nevertheless its always exciting flying into my own country. Walking down the streets - trying out the variety of street food in Bombay (Mumbai). We took off from Our flight from Karachi at dawn - wanting to arrive at Bombay early morning. There was a moderate amount of mist in the air which grew worse as I entered VABB airspace. The visibility came down to just a couple of miles or even less. I somehow managed to land safely - not one of my best though. Reaching the hotel, I came to know of the extra paper work that has come my way - and no amount of grumbling on my part would be of any use. So while Sally went for shopping and Pippin just flopped on the bed and snored, I dived into my work. My next stop was to be an airport I have never gone before - Devi Ahilyabai Holkar airport - about 300 nm North West. The weather was the major concern - visibility during the winter months extremely poor with heavy delays in flights. But knowing that I had limited time to reach Calcutta, I could only delay by a day. The weather at VAID was bad as ever. Thankfully there was ILS even though it was a pretty small airport. At VAID, I found that there were some electrical issues in my CJ4 causing my FMS to go blank at times. Considering the fact that fixing might take a while, I decided to find an alternative. Luckily there were a couple of aircraft from my company available - one being a Pilatus Porter PC6 which though I was excited to try out, Pippin decided it was not airworthy and refused to board. So finally I chose a Piper Turbo Arrow III belonging to Madhya Pradesh Flying Club, which I planned to use for a short flight. I would be flying this aircraft to Raja Bhoj airport just a 102 NM away. Our trip to Raja Bhoj was an exciting one - with three of us cramped in the small aircraft. Pippin kept a close watch for any birds! There was a complete mist with barely any visibility at VABP. Raja Bhoj airport is actually the second busiest airport in Madhya Pradesh (the central most state in India). Landing GA in IFR conditions not easy - but we made the flight in good time! My initial plan was to fly to Allahabad before going to Calcutta - but because of limited time, I decided to skip and go straight to Calcutta from VABP due to shortage in time. Early morning takeoff from Karachi Entering Indian airspace Misty approach to Chatrapati Shivaji Intl. A short taxi to rwy at Chatrapati Shivaji Intl. next morning A misty approach to Devi Ahilyabai Holkar airport A welcoming party... My Piper Turbo Arrow III ready for taxi next morning Will my entire trip over India be in this mist? Landed at Raja Bhoj phew!
  4. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.1.12 0715 hrs GMT, Part II Leg 12: Muscat International Airport (OOMS) - Karachi Jinnah Intl. Airport (OPKC) Route: KUSRA SODEB DERTO ALPOR SIDKA LAKIV LOTAT Approx Distance: 502 NM We had decided to takeoff from Muscat in the wee hours of the morning. Our weather forecast looked fine. We had around 5 passengers to take with us. When they all arrived - I found there was a celebrity who was traveling with her companions. As usual when there are celebrities, they are bound to be a pain in the neck. This lady (model / vlogger) was fussing about her luggage. We tried our best to assure her - there is no danger of her luggage getting left behind (at least doesn't happen in these business jets). On my strict instructions I made sure Sally put Pippin in the cat box - we didn't want a cat fight ensuing mid-air. Pippin was most annoyed being shut inside the box and mewed continuously. Our esteemed guest immediately to it upon herself to be the voice of SPCA and instructed Sally to let the cat out of the bag (box in this case). Not wanting to be rude, she complied and immediately Pippin rushed to inspect our guests. I think he wanted to check if everyone was wearing masks and maintaining a social distance. Pippin was most interested in our celebrity herself. I guess all the shining jewelry attracted his attention. He jumped on her lap and started playing with the shiny objects hanging all around to a great dismay of his savior. What happened on the rest of the voyage - I was scared to ask when I saw the look on Sally's face after landing - it looked something like this.. The weather however was misty when I entered Karachi airspace - thankfully there were no strong winds and I was able to land smoothly. Breaking dawn... All setup...taxing out. Leaving Muscat with my cat! Misty approach to Karachi
  5. I see a few folks are adding new rows for every leg. My request - please only have one row per pilot. Thanks, Indrajit
  6. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.1.10 0110 hrs GMT, Part II Leg 10: Prince Sultan Airbase Airport (OEPS) - Abu Dhabi International Airport (OMAA) Route: OTALI BOPEK M550 RIBOT GOLGU M318 ATUDO ATUD2A Approx Distance: 512 NM Abu Dhabi Doooooo!!!! Yayyyyy we have reached! All three of us were visibly excited (even Pippin) watching the bright lights of Abu Dhabi. Wanting to see the night life we decided to conduct this flight at night. There was clear weather so had a nice flight. Pippin propped his legs and surveyed the city from above. I think those bright lights excited him (maybe he thinks those are cat's eyes). We had made quite a few plans - touring the city, desert safari, shopping etc. Nearing destination... Final Approach to OMAA Wheels down City lights... Part II Leg 11: Abu Dhabi International Airport (OMAA) - Muscat International Airport (OOMS) Route: KANI3G KANIP N318 LAKLU LAKL1U Approx Distance: 259 NM Our stay at Abu Dhabi was only a short one. Though we had fun time touring the shopping areas - we couldn't hit the desert. As instructed by my airlines company, I had suddenly two guys who needed to go to Muscat. So our city tour was cut short - but definitely will be coming back again. The distance to Muscat was only 259 NM so not a long flight. We made the flight in about 45 minutes. Would have done it faster had not the ATC given kept me on hold and then assign a visual approach. We were a bit too high and I decided to descend manually - no autopilot. I think the air pressure bothered my cat a bit and my two passengers a bit more - coz Sally said they were complaining quite loudly. I guess will get some complaints soon regarding my aircraft handling. Taxing to rwy at OMAA Leaving Abu Dhabi Approaching Muscat Intl. airport
  7. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.1.9 0110 hrs GMT, Part II Leg 9: Madinah/Prince M Bin Abdulaziz Airport (OEMA) - Prince Sultan Airbase Airport (OEPS) Route: MA900 KIVAP GOKSA BDB DAW DURMA CI35L MIREB Approx Distance: 451 NM For our next leg we chose Prince Sultan Airbase - bang in the middle of Saudi Arabia. Finding the weather pleasant, we lost no time in taking off with my regular crew, Sally and Pippin. My airline company was keeping a watchful eye on how I have been spending my time. They have very nicely informed me that once I reach Abu Dhabi (my next port after OEPS), I will need to start my regular flight operations of carry passengers - after all the vacation time for me was almost over. I knew that this was coming - so without much ado, I nodded and agreed. Soon my flights will be fully loaded, and my primary concern will be how to keep Pippin with all the passengers. Pippin so far has a remarkable ability of getting friendly with passengers in the airport - not sure how they will react to one cat roaming around! Anyway will cross the bridge when I come to it. Our flight to OEPS was okay - we faced some turbulence but that's all. This was not a regular airport however and the presence of all the fighter aircraft excited me. Leaving OEMA Strange circles on the sand Turning in for approach Parked at OEPS
  8. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2022.1.7 0050 hrs GMT, Part II Leg 8: El Tor Airport (HETR) - Madinah/Prince M Bin Abdulaziz Airport (OEMA) Route: SOLOX V603 HGD M872 SILKA J852 BOVET BOVE1E Approx Distance: 453 NM We took off from El Tor on 3rd morning. It was a beautiful weather to fly. My cat was in a good mood thankfully. Being 1/4th Persian, I think he feels more at home here. It took us a little more than one and half hours to complete the flight as we encountered some traffic. But nevertheless we landed safely at Madinah Airport. Following the coastline... Miles and miles of empty terrain
  9. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2021.12.31, 1636 hrs GMT Finally landed at El Tor Airport (HETR). We have completed the first part of our journey in time! Given the last leg was only 168 miles, I had taken a Piper PA 28 Turbo Arrow. It was late evening when I took of from Cairo and completely pitch dark in about 20 minutes. This El Tor airport didn't have a proper ILS system, but nevertheless I made a visual approach. Thankfully the visibility was good one. Now for some much needed rest - both for me and Pippin. Enjoying the golden sunset Leaving Cairo Flying into the dark El Tor in sight
  10. Pippin has become very choosy about his food! If the food is not to his liking he will be first mee-aoing and then head butting until you get up and change his food.
  11. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2021.12.31, 1354 hrs GMT, Had to take the night flight out of Brindisi to Nikos Kazantzakis Airport (LGIR). There were strong winds at very high altitudes and it kept pushing me off course. Strangely my CJ4 had difficulty going above FL390. I was planning for FL430 but as I crossed FL390, I noticed airspeed reducing and the autopilot was having a hard time maintaining a proper climb rate. In the end, I requested lower alt to the ATC and descended to FL360. My remaining trip was at this alt. While landing, again I faced some strong winds at LGIR and ultimately switched off my autopilot and handflew the entire approach. My leg 6, LGIR to HECA (Cairo Intl) ended about an hour ago. Again the weather wasn't that good at Cairo, there were lot of clouds and there was low visibility. However there weren't any issues during landing. During my initial flight I did veer off-course for a bit as I hadn't realized my autopilot was in Heading mode instead of Nav. I wasted an extra 10-15 min in turning the plane and getting back on course. There were clouds scattered everywhere and with the Sun shining, it gave an amazing effect. In another couple of hours, I will be making my final leg for this part of the journey.. A shot of our CJ4 parked at LGIR Flying through the clouds Clouds everywhere On final approach to Cairo Intl.
  12. Indrajit's Log, Earth Date 2021.12.30, 1910 hrs GMT, We have reached Brindisi Airport (also known as Brindisi Papola Casale Airport) located in Southern Italy. My flight from Turin (LIMF) to Perugia (LIRZ) was pretty uneventful. The weather was chilly but no strong winds and we made it in good time. It was late night when we landed at Perugia. I am finding myself sleeping and waking up at odd hours. This round the world trip is not going to be an easy with continuous changes in latitudes. Cats on the other hand don't have to worry about waking up or sleeping. When they want to sleep - they will sleep, and when they want to be awake, they will make sure everyone around them is awake too. My next leg from Perugia to Brindisi was in the morning. It was a pleasant change from my night flights. It was foggy at the airport, but as I took off and broke through the clouds - it was beautiful, watching the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. My cat slept most of the way - blue waters didn't interest him much. My CJ4 has been amazing till now - amazing performance and great fuel efficiency. After a few hours sleep, I have decided to make another flight since I have only a day left to reach Suez.
  13. I am a bit confused as to what should we have in the column Dep Airport in the timesheet. Should it be the origin airport - where the whole journey began or is it supposed to be the current airport location? If it is the former, then it makes sense to have another column which says - Current Airport. Regards, Indrajit
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