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  1. And I thought I had completely removed UK2000 Heathrow because I didn't find any of those files on my P3D drive. I should have done a search on the C: drive as well.... Another factor is that sceneries that are installed in the Documents/Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder do not show up in the scenery.cfg when you open it with Scenery Config Editor. Thank you very much Oliver for your help to resolve this.
  2. Good evening Oliver, Thanks for your suggestions. I had already checked the ORBX files for EGLL entries. Only one (ABP_EGLL.OFF) came out in FTX_VECTOR_APT and as you can see I changed that one already to .off In the other directories there is no 'EGLL' file. In the scenery library menu Heathrow was off, just like I had set it in the Scenery Config Editor. So I did not need to change that. And this is what Heathrow looks like with this setting: Then I enabled Heathrow in the Scenery Library menu and the same issue returned, this is terminal 4 again with at least 5 stands with missing jetways. This is so weird and I'm surprised no other user has reported the same issue. Surely I'm not the only one with the ORBX sceneries FTX England, Global and Vector installed. Still hoping this can be resolved.
  3. Hi Oliver, Here is the scenery.cfg as you have asked for. This is where the issue is existing.
  4. I did check the scenery.cfg already, but Heathrow is only listed once. The zip will follow tomorrow evening. Thx!
  5. So I did some more testing just to see what would happen if I disabled the Heathrow Pro scenery with the Scenery Config Editor I'm using, and guess what, it shows up as it should be! This is so weird! When I enable the scenery again, the same issues return. Any thoughts how to get both the scenery enabled and the scenery as it is meant to be.
  6. Hi Oliver, Thanks for reaching out to help. I understand what you're saying about some other file(s) being active, that's why I checked for all files with 'EGLL' or 'Heathrow'. In the FTX England scenery I changed the four EGLL files to .OFF. Same with the Heathrow.bgl file in the default scenery EURW folder. As you can see the Heathrow Pro scenery has the #1 priority. All ORBX sceneries are way down and below all other add-on sceneries. Here are stands 420 and 421. At the main building of Terminal 5 three stands have missing jetways (from the A319 to the 787). Below is another look at Terminal 4. At the front and at the far side there is some obvious bleed through. I have no idea where that may come from. And before you ask, I don't have the UK2000 Heathrow scenery installed. What could this be?
  7. I noticed some missing jetways at Heathrow (e.g. stand 420 and 421, but there are more at terminal 4). Also at the other terminals some jetways are missing. I checked for any 'foreign' EGLL files in P3D v4 without result. Re-installing and even downloading the file again (from Simmarket) for yet another re-install didn't resolve this issue. Does anybody else noticed the same. Brgds, eham8
  8. Thanks Shaun (and the others who shared their opinions) I'm delighted to have won and I would like to congratulate macroth72 too. Great ambiance you put into your picture! Best regards, eham8
  9. Wow, some great entries already. Normally I post my shots only in the screenshot forum of FSVisions. The link to this Dutch FS site is I couldn't resist so here is my entry, made in FS9 without any edits! A Cathay 747-400 (by PMDG) on very short final to Kai Tak IGS runway 13. Scenery by FlyTampa (in case you didn't know. ) Good luck to all competitors. eham8
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