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  1. Hi All Thought you’d like to know; I contacted support as kindly suggested here. Tom Wellige helped resolve the problem, basically I logged into another account on my PC and installed Geneva perfectly. Apparently my Home account is somehow corrupt. There was no indication of this as most things work fine, but when I tried to install Geneva on the other account it just installed immediately. This may hopefully help others here. Thanks all for your kind support and help. kind regards Ray Harris
  2. HI I deactivate Malwarebytes normally before flying so, I don;t think so. In any case as said earlier, I have listed this file as an exception in Malwarebytes. There was no indication that anything had blocked this file or quarantined it. No idea what to do.
  3. Hi so I download the original to a downloads location then copy it to a backup external drive where I keep all my installers. I unzip and run the installer from there. I’ve already tried redownloading for the shop site, but that made no difference. As I said I always use this method including for other Aerosoft sceneries and they install like clockwork. I even set an exception in my Malwarebytes in case it was being blocked... and yes I see all those files too. The size looks the same. Hope this clarifies. ray
  4. Hi Herman I thought I had answered that - yes I unzip into a separate folder on a different disk, unzipped and did the set up from there. This is how I do all installations, but this is the only time I ever had problems Kind regards, Ray
  5. Hi Mathijs. Thank you for your kind response. First I downloaded to a temp folder and then ran the exe as Administrator.and waiting for a dialog box that never comes. I tried redownloading in case it had got corrupted somehow. I can't see any entries for such an error in the event log either. I've even listed the file and directory as an exception in Malwarebytes. As I said previously, I've also installed Aerosoft Bergen X, and Malpensa X the other day, and they installed immediately - perfectly without any problem - using exactly the same metho
  6. Hi Thanks both for your response. First , I am using a clean install of P3D v4.5 hotfix 2 - installed only about week or so ago I am also installing all scenery as Administrator. Secondly, thanks for the advice. I have tried waiting but nothing ever happens. Note; I have installed a good few of Aerosoft's other airports now, without any problems at all (Bergen X, Malpensa X etc). I think there must be something wrong or different about the install file for Geneva. Please Aerosoft, could you check the file on your server? Bottom
  7. Hi Otto Thanks for your reply I am using P3D v4.5 HF2 (completely reinstalled from scratch about a week ago). on Win 10 Professional OS. I looked in Event Viewer - Windows Logs/ Application, whilst I tried the installer again. There was no trace of any error from what I could find - Unless I'm looking in the wrong place... I bought the Aerosoft version of LSGG to get a scenery that was up to date and 100% compatible ideally, with the latest version of P3D.... KR Ray
  8. Hi I have a wierd issue with the Geneva X installer. I literally just purchased it last night. Clicked on the installer file (AS_GENF-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1013) and it gave me the 'run' dialog box, then everything disappears. Nothing. I suppose it may be an anti virus type issue, but none of my other installations have ever been blocked like this. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance. Best regards Ray
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