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  1. Thomas, The "Always On" setting seems to work! I'm not sure how, but it works. Thanks for your patience. Lawman
  2. Thomas, I understand what you are saying about the recording aspect of it but that is not what is happening. I changed the settings to what you suggested. Now... the only time I can hear the ambient noise or even the pilots is when I minimize FS9. Once I maximize FS9, the FSFK sounds go away.... This is driving me nuts because it used to work perfectly! Grrrrr Thanks for your patience Thomas Lawman
  3. Thomas, I deleted FSFK today along with all the templates and the sounds... I reinstalled the entire program and I'M STILL having the same problem. I'm not sure what my original screen shot looked like (except grayed out). I have never recorded ANY flights (at least on purpose)... I'm not even sure how to do it! Somehow this happens when the two programs meet because nothing is grayed out prior to FS9 being connected. mathjiskok The sound files are where the program installs them... I never move sound files around for just that reason! If you have specific things I should check... let me know. I appreciate the help from both of you and hope I can get this resolved. Charles (Lawman)
  4. I searched for a solution but couldn't find one.... I recently updated FSFK to the latest version and now I find myself with no sounds. I downloaded all of the available add-ons but still nothing. At one time I selected a hot key for sounds (on/off) and thought I heard a pilot (for a second) I've noticed some of the sections are "greyed out".. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks Lawman
  5. Need a little help..... I'm pretty sure I ran into this same problem last time! I'm upgrading from Version 2.7 to 2.8 and when I start to install the upgrade it "errors out" saying it cannot find the installer file "FSKeeper.msi" I've searched my entire computer and I cannot find that file. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (It is a registered copy) Thanks Charles
  6. I'm in the middle of an eight hour flight and I need to shut the flight down mid flight. I can save the flight in FS9 and I can save my Air-Source monitor but if I shut down FSFK, I lose the info. Is there a way I can save this flight in FSFK so I can continue it later tonight? Appreciate the help. Lawman
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