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  1. ... that applied for almost one hour before reaching Mumbai. Something that didn't happen to me for at least half a year... FSX crashed. Three angry emoticons are an expression of just a fraction of my real anger. You can imagine what kind of words came over my lips.... Should have sticked to my original plan to fly the shorter leg to Aden. Still... no use crying over spilt milk. I'll think it over what to do: perhaps I'll redo this flight in a couple of days. To be continued....
  2. Though I would like to show you some nice pictures of the scenery along the way, actually there's not much to see over here: just sand........ In that case, I'll show you some details from the GPS: ETA 18:00 H Z; that means from this moment on almost 6 hours to fly. Hope my passengers aren't getting bored by looking outside at least the crew looks happy... to be continued...
  3. Tuesday the 11th of October 2017 10:00 H Z. In contrast to earlier plans to fly from Port Said to Aden, I decided to fly straight to Mumbay (VABB) Chhatrapati Shivaji International. Because of the problems (see above) the trip was delayed for a whole day. So I filled my DC-^B up and loaded my 34 paying passengers and left Port Said at 10:08 H Z. To be sure, the DC-6B uses a lot of oil, filled up the oil tanks too and logged that I started with a total of 129.99 frame hours. The weather looks good according to the METAR. to be continued...
  4. It's not gonna work today; obviously running the Xbox streamer slows down any activity on my computer. Until I've figured out what caused that no streaming video's. Sorry. Try to make the flight tomorrow. Puk
  5. Monday evening 09:11 PM LCL Just for a few days now that I discovered something that's totally new for me. While flying legs together with other VA members online on IVAO I was used to operate as the VA photographer, whose pictures (screenshots) appeared on the day after the flight on the VA's forum. If I felt like I did some video footage too using the XBOX-player of Windows10. The other day I discovered that there's an option to share the video. One is never too old to learn new tricks. And I'm at a considerable age, you know . So I tried that out today with good results, I might say. So.... if you like to follow my next flight (Tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th starting from 08:30 H Z) or just like to pop in for a breve period of time, don't hesitate to do so. I'm using the PMDG DC-6B and I'll fly according to my flightplan, mentioned in the former message, from Portr Said (HEPS) to Aden (OYAA), following the river Nile and the coastline of Egypt, Saoudi-Arabia and Yemen. Just open your browser with this link: And of course, I'll regularly file some interesting screenshots along the way in this forum report. Puk p.s. I'm testing out now, so you might give it a try...!
  6. Tomorrow morning my crew and I will start with the preparations of the next leg of this event. In stead off flying a direct IFR route to Mumbai (VABB), we'll pick up Fogg's route through the Suez Canal all the way south to Aden and fly VOR to VOR at low altitude. A "little" faster than the S.S. Mongolia did, but still more than five hours to fly. Hopefully the passengers will appreciate this sightseeing route.
  7. Great bird, great pictures. Had some doubts to use the "Connie" myself for this event. Decided after all to use the DC-6B and keep the "Connie" for VA flights. Puk
  8. Hope you didn't loose too much money in the casino last night so that you're unable to pay for the fuel for your next flight. Love to see that you're taking the DC-6 out and of course the great pictures. Puk
  9. It's getting dark. Had to pause the simulator for an hour to have my dinner. In the meantime the Egyptian coastline appears on the horizon. Descending to 9000 ft for my approach on Port Said airport (HEPS) The current METAR for HEPS 0216:00 Z 330°10KT 9999 SCT025SCT030 26/22 Q1014 NOSIG= Approach VOR/DME PSD runway 28 Welcome to Port Said....and finally after a very long trip the passengers, the crew and me can stretch our legs and enjoy a peaceful evening after having a wonderful smooth flight. Hope you enjoyed this flight report in pictures. Perhaps I'll see you somewhere along the way and else on this forum. Regards, Puk
  10. 15:05 H Overhead the Isle of Chios, Greece and a clear view on the Turkish west coast... and a shining view from the cabin on the right engines... ... overhead the isle of Ikaria, Greece be continued...
  11. 14:34 H Z Reaching Greece... pilot and copilot out of the cockpit as it seems no problems at all: a very smooth and relaxed trip so far... to be continued...
  12. Monday, October 2nd 2017 - London Gatwick 08:30 H Z Excellent conditions to start with the first long leg to Port Said (HEPS). The PH-DFI looks to be in perfect condition, the crew has had a good night sleep, all food and drinks are delivered and stowed away in the pantry and we're waiting for our 34 paying passengers who will joining us this trip. 09:22 H Z Cargo and passengers loaded; tarting engines 3 and 4... ... and engines 2 and 1... all running smoothly Waiting at holding point runway 26L, ready for departure... ... 09:35 H Climbing out London Gatwick; whe're on our way steadily climbing to our cruise altitude of FL210 Leaving England overhead Dover a favorable tailwind of 52 kt at cruise altitude over the mainland... 12:04 H Z Flying over the Austrian Alps, doing GS271 TAS263; Fuel flow 364.4 GAL/H to be continued... Puk
  13. One can't argue about tastes ... but in this case we don't have to. I totally agree. The PMDG Cloudmaster is certainly a beauty, though not easy to handle. Perhaps we'll meet along the way. Puk
  14. Meanwhile my FO, FE and me have to prepare ourselves for the first leg from EGKK to HEPS. Our flightplan looks promissing if the weather condition of today remains the same untill next Monday. We'll see one hour before leaving if the weather is still in our favour.
  15. My mechanics did a very good job and the PH-DFI is as good as it gets to undertake the voyage to London Gatwick. So left this afternoon from a cloudy Groningen airport.... for the short flight to Gatwick.... ... at FL090 ... ... leaving the Dutch coast behind... .... approaching via TIMBA1J.... ... landing on runway 26L... ... on the blocks at Parking 172 ... .... patiently waiting for the first leg to HEPS Port Said Egypt.
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