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  1. 3/4 of my previous flights, I think 2 were on the second leg, I got CTD's on the approach phase. One was into Aspen descending through 15,000, another into LAX outside of the IAF, another into KORD while capturing the localizer. I wasn't fiddling with the FMS or touching anything when they happened. I've flown into Aspen probably a dozen times with zero issues in the CRJ thus far. Event viewer just revealed generic faulting of MSFS Steam. I'm using Navigraph Beta, so maybe that has something to with it. AI traffic is set to ultra, if that's anything. Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this.
  2. Aspen on just the regular loc dme e
  3. MDA text on pfd looks like it overlaps past 4 digits.
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