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  1. Shaun: It is FS9. I have set the date at Aug. 15. and the time is 12 noon. Regards Rick rcase@avsim.com
  2. Hello: For some reason all the runways at EDDF and EDDL have gone light gray. Anyone have any idea? I have not installed any other scenery. Regards Rick
  3. Hi: Thanks I will chekc the Afcads. Regards Rick
  4. Hi all: Lately when landing at LHR I ma being assigned Gate #'s that do not exist in AES. For example I was assigned a Julliette # and Tango #10. Also there are planes parked on top of other planes. I don't know what I have done. If someone can help and has the time please email me at rcase@avsim.com or I will check back here when I can. Regards Rick
  5. Thanks for the help. I believe it is working ok now. Regards Rick
  6. I have no gate 309 either.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I only have World of Ai and Project Ai. I will look for gate 309. Regards rick
  8. I am just recovering from a system crash. I went to Brussels to start a flight and airplanes were have inside the terminal and half outside. I cannot find a duplicate Afcad so I can't figure it out. I would appreciate a little help if someone can. Regards Rick from Avsim
  9. Shaun: I went on yoour website and there was an update for EDDH so I chose the download link. The zip file has some BMP's and nothing else so I was a little confused. I would like to know exactly where to place the BMP's. I enjoy the Aerosoft scenery and do not want to jeopardize the setup. Best Regards Rick Avsim
  10. Hi All: I downloaded an update for EDDH but without instructions I am unable to find where to put the BMP's Regards Rick
  11. Shaun: I removed the scenery because it was also causing flicker at KBOS. Can't send a screenshot. Sorry Regards Rick
  12. SAF: Yes manhattan was there and I activated it. Rick
  13. Hi All: After installing the manhattan scenery New York was flooded and Logan airport is flashing. Is there a cure for this? Regards Rick
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