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  1. unfortuantely I do not know what that means. Any way you can take a screen capture and email the response to me? dmwolfe@earthlink.net Thanks, Darrin
  2. I have found downloadable liveries and placed them in the correct aircraft folder. How do I find the .cfg file to add them to the menu? I am not seeing in in the aircraft folder or I am not looking in right place. Let me know. Plus how do I modify it? Thanks for your help. Darrin
  3. dmwolfe


    I think you mis understood my question. With Traffic 2004 I could fly using the liveries provided by Traffic. I could creat e a flight say from New York to San Francisco and use MY737-400 United Airlines. I do not have that option with this version as all I can use are the lame Microsoft planes. Any advice on how I can import the plane skins so I can fly them? Thanks, Darrin
  4. dmwolfe


    I installed My Traffic X and I cant get the menu and I cant fly or see the liveries. The traffic is installed and I can fly the Microsoft planes and see the AI planes I just cant import the liveries. In Traffic 2004 I could fly them. ie: United Airlines. Let me know how to install the liveries. Keep it simple I am not that smart. Cheers, Darrin
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