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  1. I'm still around, just rarely these days as you can tell....I don't fly the twin otter anymore but I am still willing to share my experiences. I am currently flying the CRJ-200/700/900 I don't know about the hot fix compatibility. Has anyone tried it? Blue Skies, Crash
  2. I'll look into this on the 24th. I'm working until then and it looks like a 14 hour day tomorrow
  3. On occasion when we have moved the prop levers quickly, the props hunt in the real aircraft too. FSX has a problem with forces when it comes to props, i'm still dialing in the prop_tc value which i think is the seconds per degree of movement (kind of a backwards unit to me). right now it's set to 0.008, maybe 0.006 might be better? Edit: for those of you who want to try a different prop_tc value try 0.006. also, remember 96%np is max so before you firewall for take off, bring your prop levers back to 88%, that should give you 96%Np [PROPELLER] prop_tc = 0.006 //0.008
  4. It sounds like your power application is too quick, we power up to 15-20 lbs of torque, let the T5 peak and start cooling then over 3ish seconds get up to take off power. In the airplane the power levers move around 18inches so there is a lot more movement than in a pc throttle, which means your small throttle movements are exaggerated in the sim.
  5. It should work with the 3 bladed props, but the CFG/airfile edits in place only account for the 4 bladed version. So any other 300 wheel variants will perform like a 4 bladed Hartzell prop aircraft. the performance is slightly different and the GG speed is slightly lower at idle. 3 bladed props are louder and bigger but perform a bit better. From the point of view of the sim pilot, nothing really changes. The 3 bladed hartzell prop aircraft has an Idle GG of 51% vs 58% for the hartzell 4 bladed. The prop MOI is probably a bit different but ultimately it will still follow the same-ish book
  6. I run into this with the baron sim in the redbird I manage. CTRL+F1 or an axis movement assigned in FS does not feather the prop, ALTHOUGH it may put the lever in the feathered position on the model. the additional ctrl+F2 command is required to send it into feather. FSUIPC is good at managing this. Glad you like it Bliksimpie!
  7. When we shut down the aircraft, the props are feathered and that run down time is accurate. If you want an example of how long an unfeathered prop takes to spin down: https://youtu.be/oMhkCx7GcRI?t=61. That is a geared engine too which is direct drive, a free wheeling turbine like the PT-6A would take even longer. The spool times are accurate. Thanks for the help! Let me know if you have any other questions. Here is our shutdown checklist: Parking Brake: Set ( C ) Bleed Air / Air Conditioner: OFF (FO) Generators: OFF ( C ) Power Levers: IDLE ( C ) Prop Levers: Feather ( C ) Fuel Lever
  8. Thanks Reinhard, Any subsequent versions which come out will have a datestamp in the zip file. Regards Crash
  9. Ok Everyone! Here are the files to my alternative FDE and engine system for the DHC-6-300. Please note these files are going to be minimally supported by me because I usually work 5 days a week, working 80 hours flying twin otters. With that said, installation is simple, the zip file is the same name of the aircraft where the files should be put. READ THIS: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/88611-updated-fde-to-twin-otter-updated-2842015/ <--this is the original post with the actual changes made and what they do. Rule 1! BACK UP YOUR Aerosoft_DHC6_300_WHEEL. Put it in a safe
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