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  1. Ok another leg in the TB20, a chenge of routing as well, to LOWI - Innsbruck instead of Klagenfurt, now looking at a route down the west side of Greece rather than the East, which will be confirmed shortly!
  2. Unfortunately upon our post flight inspection in Luxembourg our C177 was found to have deflated tyre pressure in the left main tyre, and the maintenance shop on site have none in stock - so in the hurry to keep on the move my friend kindly lent me the use of his TB20 - SX-ATK, and the generous offer to ferry the repaired C177 to wherever we have reached by the time it is fixed (and provided no further issues are found!) Below are a few shots of the flight in the lovely TB20 to EDDS.
  3. First leg completed this evening to ELLX - will need to get a hurry on to make it to Egypt by Monday! Here is a shot of the approach - nice weather for it too!
  4. Good evening all! After having to drop out of the previous around the world attempt due to my exams - I should now have more time to complete the challenge of around the world in 80 days. The aircraft I will be using will be my trustworthy Cessna 177RG - N654BR. As for my route - I will begin at the small London airport of Fairoaks (EGTF), completing the section to Egypt in short sections with stops at: Luxembourg - ELLX Stuttgart - EDDS Klagenfurt - LOWK Split - LDSP Dubrovnik - LDDU Skopje - LWSK Skiathos - LGSK Mikonos - LGMK Kos - LGKO Kastelorizo - LGKJ Paphos - LCPH Happy tripping! Peter
  5. I have no photos until I'm at my PC again (probably Monday), so anyone else is free to post.
  6. OK, so N2114H has arrived at a very wet ?????? In case you cannot see the picture, here is the link: http://s10.postimg.org/ipmlhh4gp/Screenshot_contest.jpg
  7. Hmm, KLM MD11 destination, Curaçao in the correct part of the world, I will guess TNCM?
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