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  1. Hi Mathijs and Juergen, I found the problem - shame on me - there was a mismatch (typo) in the numbering / ordering of sceneries in the scenery.cfg. Consequently the FSX can't use the sceneries listed after the wrong number. Thanks so much for your fast help & assistance! Best regards, Hoffi
  2. Hi Juergen, thanks for your reply! The scenery.cfg seems to be working as all other (hundreds of) airports are loading correctly. Also the Larnaca-Entry (made by the automated installation routine) seems to be correct: Title=Larnaca X Local=..\FSX\aerosoft\Larnaca X Active=TRUE Layer=313 Required=FALSE I tried to add Larnaca manually but experienced the same results - no entry in scenery library and just the default scenery is visible... Best regards, Hoffi
  3. Dear Community, I have a problem with my recently purchased Larnaca X Scenery, which is not visible: The installation of scenery runs smooth without any problems and the corresponding entry in the scenery.cfg is correct as well. However, once loading this airport, only the default FSX-scenery is shown. No failure message appears. If checking the Scenery Library in the FSX-Menue, there is no entry of LCLK - Larnaca X despite the correct path and the correct entry in the scenery.cfg! I also try to load this scenery without any other sceneries around and using the default aircraft - unfortunatley without any success. Do you have an idea how to make Larnaca X working on my FSX? Thanks a lot in advance, Hoffi.
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