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  1. Lots of sticky buttons on the latest build. Also if you press the door close button twice the door will show open again.
  2. Hey Guys, Just a few issues I've noticed so far. - The APU intake door is Always open. - I am unable to shut one engine down for single engine taxiing. - During taxi out to the runway, the packs closed (perhaps because of Albuquerque heat? lol!) - The jetway does not dock correctly to the main cabin door. Thanks much for your time!
  3. novar41

    Main Cabin Door Showing Open

    Thank you all so much for the response I appreciate it!
  4. Hey guys, Wanna say firstly that this is an awesome addon. Only thing I've noticed so far is that FSPassengers and GSX don't recognize the door being closed. Whenever I start the Takeoff roll, it shows the doors being open.