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  1. Hi Thorsten THank you for the explanation and for figuring out this strange bug. Yes i did try disabling heathrow and the ai came back using default heathrow. Glad you figured out the problem/conflict, and I hope Flight one can make a patch for UTX very soon. Thanks for your attention in this matter. Matt
  2. Thanks for the reply guys. I just got Ultimate Traffic 2007 instead and installed it fine. Again the aircraft are not present at your heathrow. Whats strange is i can 'hear' them (engine sounds etc) but not visual models. All AI works perfectly at other airports, default gatwick for example, everything is fine, but when i fly back to heathrow, nothing only sounds. Any ideas? If i cant get this working this airport is useless to me, do you offer refunds if you have no solutions? thanks Matt
  3. Hi- Just got the lovely new heathrow, but there is NO AI traffic at all. There is ground traffic, but no aircraft. I have Traffic 2005 installed and AI shows up at all other airports! Please help! I am using FSX acceleration - and i installed it for acceleration. Also as a side note- i saw a mention you can select hi-res ground textures or not, but I was never asked this during install? Is there somewhere else you can select these or does it auto detect? Many thanks in advance Matt
  4. First off i would like to say how much i love the new Dillingham airport. Excellent indeed. I do not however see ANY aircraft or gliders taking off/landing at this airfield. I have my traffic sliders up high and still no AI. I thought this package came with "extensive AI traffic files" as it says in the product page. I tried re-installing to no avail. I LOVE this airport but its very static without ai flying around/in/out of it. I imagined it would be like the great Emma Field with lots of aircraft landing, parking, taking off etc??? Any suggestions why I am not seeing the AI??? Many thanks Matt
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