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  1. Thank you! I tried Tomato (few profiles), but I do not like it.! So this is a stock P3D 4.4 shaders.
  2. Next flight - EDDM-UKOO. I deleted all keyboard shortcuts about "Magneto" and this flight was succesfully completed. I am not sure the reason was shortcuts, but anyway - flight was pretty good without issues. It is my landing at Odesa.
  3. I think no. I do not use fsuipc and this keyboard shortcut. But I am not sure. Will check it out ASAP.
  4. Hello! During short flight (EDDF-EPWA) in the descend phase (about 8000ft) both engines suddenly stoped! Plane start to stall in a (looks like) cold and dark state but with a strange sound! Fuel amount was 1500 kg at this moment. That is was? And how to fix this issue?
  5. I use EZDOK to look around in the Virt Cockpit and sometimes i click in this zone. But, anyway, thank you for answer))))
  6. But may be remove just a mouse click spot zone from the captain's window? It is annoing when sometimes click on window and HGS apeares...
  7. Hello. Is there an option to completely remove HGS from the cockpit? Thanks.
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