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  1. Maybe say what headset you are using because I havent crashed once in VR using the HP Reverb G2.
  2. Well not gone that high (maybe that is the issue?) but the 24000 I entered worked fine. Found this online - Maximum Operating Altitude? - 41,000 feet
  3. Will fire up my Reverb G2 now and see if it crashes in WMR UPDATE : Loaded fine in to EDDM on the G2.
  4. Unlikely because as soon as its released this thread is being closed they said.
  5. Well he has a PPL so I feel he must know something about proper flying.
  6. Sleep time is approaching steadily so seems like its the morning for me
  7. Its the first time only they stated. Also if you have a lot of stuff in your community folder try a program MFS Addon Collector where you can copy the contents of the Community folder to a different location and only load the addons you want for a particular flight as it then creates a symbolic link to the addon in the normal Community folder, greatly reducing the loading times.
  8. Well its the 16th here in Australia so no excuses!! Oh well cant wait till its released sometime tomorrow for me i am guessing. And remember folks as we were warned the first time you start a flight with the CRJ its going to take minutes to compile!
  9. Getting close folks. I guess i will have to wait for the 17th my time before its released here.
  10. Yeah same was really hoping to see a few of the bigger streamers show casing the plane over the next week but oh well.
  11. EFB looks great but sad as a VR flyer that there is no option to charts etc. Hopefully added one day soon.
  12. Time to sleep for 13 days - who needs work anyway!
  13. Yeah I do hope it performs "well enough" in VR as flying in VR is amazing. Hopefully The Dude comes back with some info on that as well. Have a Vive, Rift S, Quest 2 and Reverb G2 so I guess if the performance is not great can drop down the resolution order of headsets
  14. Thanks so much The Dude for keeping us all sane (well some of us anyway here!) while we wait for release!
  15. Sneaky sneak peak cuts out just as its getting good!! Cant wait for the full release!
  16. Getting close now folks! Cant wait to fly this bird around in MSFS 2020!
  17. Will have to update when i wake up before work then as I am not staying up till around 3-4am
  18. Seems this has got very overblown folks. Like any company rules and such change and this is one of them. Yes it was great with the constant updates and I will miss reading them but it is what it is. Just just as excited for the CRJ no matter how the communication policy has changed.
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