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  1. Maybe you can help to tell which buildings are being demolished and rebuild in the cargo area? So that the dev can include them in this project? Thx in advance!
  2. Talking about a great start of the year! Looks very promising! Thx for the pictures and a happy new year to the entire crew!!!!
  3. I'm trying to get some more info from an official guide from Brussels Airport. So lets hope
  4. Indeed, a lot of the old buildings are being demolished, especially in the cargo area...
  5. Ah, from Scratch, I was assuming that you were building further on the scenery delivered yet by IDS. But keep up the good work, It will be surely great! Maybe the Deloitte building will be done and integrated in the release?
  6. A same Brussel airport billboard is located at the intersection where you have to choose departure or arrival and car park. It is in between the 2 ways. Just did a visit of the airport, but didn't have the time to picture the billboard... :(
  7. Indeed thank you again!!! At night the logo and letters is illuminated (logo red, letters white) but I don't remeber if it is only the outline or the full letters/logo... anyone knows?
  8. I've asked some people of a spotters FB-group. One of them is going to take a picture of it and will hopely share it
  9. I drove yesterday on the R0 in Brussel and noticed that Brussels airport has put a big billboard with Brussels Airport + logo on it. It is situated at the employee parking. Is this something you will add to the scenery? I don't have a picture of it (sadly), but maybe one of the regular travellers can post one over here
  10. Indeed, I'm also happy that Brussels is in good hands now... I would be a pity if all that work would end up to nothing! I rather have a delay in the release then no Brussels at all! Keep up the good work and if you have a teaser available in the future, don't hesitate to post it Good night!
  11. Waiting quietly in a small corner in my room, until this beautiful scenery will be released....
  12. http://www.luchtzak.be/airports/brussels-airport/brussels-airport-start-comprehensive-runway-renovation-programme-2015/ Will you also be implementing the new runway LED lights and the new asphalt layer on runway 25L/07R? No just kidding Don't take it serious
  13. I'm counting the days to the release... don't know how much, but I'm counting
  14. WOW, great!!! Just nitpicking, but on the 3rd night picture the 'b'-logo on the tail of the avro is mirrored And since 2010, Brussels Airlines isn't flying the Boeing 737 anymore (3rd day picture) Also, that orange small cheatline on the airbus is not present on today's aircraft of Brussels Airlines, it was on the previous livery of SN Brussels Airlines But I can't wait to see this scenery to be released!
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