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  1. On 13-10-2017 at 2:41 AM, Herman said:

    If that's your intent, just provide the info. Posts that communicate expectations ("looks like the dev will have some extra work"), even with a smiley face, frequently imply more than just info sharing.

    No pun intented...
    Oh well, we will see what we'll get, I have time.


    In the future, I won't post information anymore when I see on the local sites here in Belgium.

    Maybe you can find it yourself.


    Still with kind regards, but disappointed in your response (it was only for helping out so that this product can become top class).

    (I have to admit, I have high expectations for this one :) )

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  2. 55 minutes ago, Herman said:

    Thanks for the update, but it's unlikely (tho' not impossible) this will affect the project. As noted in earlier posts in this thread, an airport add-on is designed to represent the airport at a certain reference point in time, as documented by the photos used for the ground,buildings, etc. For any scenery in development, the reference point in time is almost always in the past. A developer certainly knows what's going on at their chosen airport, and will make their own decision on whether or not to add airport elements added after the reference point


    I know, the post was purely informational...

    In the past there was mentioned here that scenery will be updated for the next 2 years after release, so maybe it can be an update at some point?

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  3. Maybe nitpicking, but should the colour of the jetairport-building be a bit darker/blue in colour?

    A reference pictures: credits go to the original poster.





    Or is it due to the fine Belgian weather that it looks a bit greyish :)


    And take a look at the following site for the deloitte-building, which is constructed next to the old tower:


    This is the site of the architects which has designed the building.

    Maybe other members can give you pictures of the airside view of the deloitte building?


    I hope you can use some of the info I gave you :)


  4. 51 minutes ago, razgo said:

    Without be too much emotional I can tell you it's disappointing to understand people are not understand what is WIP/Pre-alpha etc.

    anyway, it's a great lesson for us.

    At the bottom line I can tell you Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels will be one of the most exciting and amazing scenery you will see and fly, as well as our other projects.






    Hey Razgo,

    We surely appreciate all the effort and time you (and your team?) have already put into this scenery development!


    At my work, I also get zero appreciation for what I'm doing... For some it will never be good enough...


    But I'm eager to see all this in my simulator! It will be great, that I'm sure of !!!

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  5. Yes, Here in Belgium we have developed our own new flight simulator software, where scenery is like real life scenery ;)


    Indeed, it will never be normal again at EBBR, if they learn out of their mistakes, the terminal will not freely accessible anymore.

    Only people who have to be there, will be allowed... and screened...


    A pity for some of us, including me, I love the atmosphere of an airport and went over there just for seeing the travellers, check-ins, visiting 'Wingtips' and having a drink while watching the tarmac movements. (but now with the new connector the visibility had decreased)

    But I think, in the end, it will be the best for all...

  6. 14 hours ago, keukenrol said:

    And sorry for those 3 messages behind each other, but the satellite images of Brussels Airport are updated on Google Maps i've seen. May be useful? You can clearly see the green surface at the line up 25R, the connector and the new asphalt layer on 25L which is lighter than before. You can also see they started working at the DHL building at the north side of the airport and new buildings at the cargo area. Also nice is that the airport and the surroundings are in 3D, you can see that via Google Earth.


    Even Rackham is visible at the gates :)

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