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  1. I checked the problem again....only when i enter the runway ILS14 at LSZH this problem excist....all other runways at LSZH seems to be fine!
  2. Hello! I did some flights to Zurich LSZH out of Munich and Frankfurt with the CRJ 700.When i enter the Route in the FMC the aircraft symbol and the wind component on the Navigation Display are gone.When i land in Zurich all is fine and is shown correctly again on the Navigation display.Return flights out of Zurich with no problems.I only had this problem when i enter LSZH as destination Airport. I use the FS Dreamteam LSZH scenery. Kind regards!
  3. Created this post above when everthing went well....today i did a Munich-Dubrovnik-Munich leg with the CRJ 700.The Rotation and Flare with the new Update is smooth as said above.Today i departed at EDDM on Rwy 26L the VAVOR3S SID....when i engaged the SPD and NAV Mode the CRJ didn't follow the SID path altough AP and NAV was engaged....disconnecting and engaging NAV again solved the problem.When i engage the AP on every flight the process is to "rough" in my opinion.I follow the Flight Director Path as good as possible then i arm the AP.Engaging of the AP should be smoother to meet the flight director's path.Landed in Dubrovnik without any problems.On Turnaround i was programming FMS on the FPL Page with Airways and Directs when the FMS and EFB suddenly got frozen.When i entered an Airway or Direct the line stayed blank and the FMS and EFB got frozen.All other things like Overhead knobs worked.I installed the newest NVIDA Driver 465.89 before i did this flight,i don`t now if it's relevant.On my past flights i never had this freezing problem of the FMS and EFB.Loading the CRJ new at Dubrovnik solved the problem.On the DOPUT4D SID out of Dubrovnik's Rwy 29 the same problem again....altough NAV was armed,the AP made hard left and right turns until established on the SID path.Approaching EDDM 26L the aircraft got under the glide slope (Cowl AI was ON).These problems i had sporadically on my past flights....but freezing of FMS and EFB was new today!
  4. First i have to say....very good work with the CRJ Update!Did a short Frankurt-Dusseldorf-Frankfurt leg.In my opinion the Take Off rotation is smoother and the landing flare is very good!The FPS Performance is fantastic since the last MSFS 2020 Hotfix and CRJ Update.With the Aircraft and FMS System i hadn't any problems....all in one i can say that was one of the best flights i did within MSFS and the CRJ!Keep up the great work and i hope Asobo will not brake this good Sim performance with Future Updates. The only thing is the known and reported Wind effects during Take off and Landing....but i'm sure Asobo will fix this in the future! Well done!
  5. Exactly these are the problems i have too....in calm wind conditions all is fine.With the Asobo aircrafts i had these problems too.I guess Asobo should rework the wind effects & Aerodynamics.
  6. Yes these are the same problems i have also seen.I guess these are a problem of Asobo and the sim itself.I bougt the Honeycomb Yoke and flew the Cessna Citation a lot to get the Yoke feeling.The same problems now with the CRJ i observed with the Cessna Citation too.The Weather Effects and Aerodynamics of MSFS / Asobo is the problem i guess! When i take off on calm conditions with no winds i have no problems with these Aircrafts (CRJ / 787/ Citation or A320) and everthing is smooth. With P3D i flew a lot aircraft like the PMDGs 747/777 on every weather conditions and i had never these problems like here!
  7. Yes was in Modern....then switched back to Classic....and then to Modern and saved the settings!Problem is still there.I guess this is a Asobo bug....the Asobo Cessna Citation i flew in the past there was the same problem in windy conditions. My CRJ rotates automatically when reaching VR without pulling my Honeycomb Yoke.
  8. Same problem for me....a nicely and smooth rotation isn't possible....when there is no wind i have no problems on rotation.
  9. key-z659

    Zurich V3 ?

    Good day! Is the Zurich V3 project still present? Kind regards!
  10. Nein leider nicht....ich meine das Licht in der Passagierkabine und nicht das Licht im Cockpit!
  11. Servus! Wie lässt sich das Innenkabinenlicht beim A330 ausschalten? Shift+L scheint hier nicht zu funktionieren.... Grüße Dominik
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