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  1. Hello, At the Værøy airfield, on runway 25, landing-lights illuminates both the ground and the runway correctly: In the same place but in the opposite direction (runway 07), only the ground is illuminated by landing-lights, not the runway. I suppose it's because of the sloped runway feature Is there any way for the landing-lights to illuminate also runway 07? My specs: MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe + SP2 FTX Norway SODE 1.6.3 ENVY_LOD_Terrain_Fix - installed FSX display settings: Level of detail radius: Large Mesh complexity: 80 Mesh resolution: 2m Texture resolution: 30cm Scenery complexity: Very dense Autogen density: very dense Ground scenery shadows: off Special effect detail: High
  2. Thanks Mark! You've helped me a lot! I don't have a full version of FSUIPC, but I got pretty good result just with assigning a button to the "Throttle Cut" function in FSX. I'm still testing, but it seems now I can smoothly stop the plane in a short distance without using brakes!
  3. Even more extended Twin Otter Extended?! I'll buy it for sure!!! I just never get bored of this plane Here's my wishlist: 1. A combi version of the DHC6 (passengers/freight), similar to that in the "Twin Otter X", with animated retractable skis (already available in the Antarctica X version of Twin Otter Extended). Very suitable for antarctic and tundra operations (Kenn Borek, Norlandair, etc.) and extremely needed. 2. DHC6 on skis (without wheels), also would be welcome! 3 I'd pay even a full price for a DHC6-400! More and more Twin Otter operators, including Air Seychelles and Tara Air, replaced their DHC6-300's with 400's. Also, perhaps some minor issues would be checked once again? In example: when returning from reverse power to flight idle, the airplane tends to jump ahead and speed up rapidly, which makes using reverse power very risky, especialy on skis because you cannot hit the brakes. Ahm, and a stupid qestion: the update is aimed at P3d v4 but I hope it will still work on FSX?
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