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  1. Version v 1.0


    This livery is based on today's current Dash-8 Widerøe livery adjusted to fit on the Twin Otter.
  2. Another Widerøe - current livery adjusted to fit the Twin Otter. Work in progress.... Regards Asbjørn
  3. Version 1.0


    Repaint of the Twin Otter Extendet in Widerøe livery LN-BNA.
  4. I have completed Widerøe LN-BNA. Just a few things to round up and she will be uploaded. Enjoy! regards Asbjørn
  5. Hello Scandinavian I am planning on making a Widerøe repaint. I have collected photos using www.719skvadron.no Just be warned - I am not a repainter guru :-) With the upcoming Værøy scenery and maybe Tore/Orbx Bodø the Widerøe Twin Otter is perfect. Regards Asbjørn ENGM tower
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