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  1. Hi All, I bought TCA Airbus Office Pack and I am getting crazy trying to configure it with FSX...and Aerosoft A318/A319/A320/A321 Someone has configured it with FSX? Will there be an Update even for FSX? I wouldn't like buying another PC just for FS 2020... Thanks
  2. Hi, Confirm. App very slow, impossible to add charts in the kneeboard. Much better the previous versione.
  3. Hi Holgi, just a question related to the livery. I appreciate your fantastic work on the livery but in the pending livery I see a lot of livery for the same company I.e. Easyjet, where in some cases the only difference is the registration marks. There are a lot of active companies where the livery is missing. Maybe it could be interesting to focus of that companies. For example for Alitalia is missing the livery for A319 in the new colour. This is not a controversy is only to understand what is the philosophy applied for a new livery. Thanks..
  4. Hi, I re-installed the A320/A321 and I added "WXBackGroundScan=0 and for the moment it works fine. I cross The fingers... It is strange because I have already inserted the string but for some reasons did't work
  5. I Have not Hope! ???? I can't find the reason of behaviour in the previous post. I don't understand because Sometime (very few time) it Works and in other not..
  6. Hi, a question for the developers: Is it possible adapt the "Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll" of the A319 for the A320/A321. With the A319 version the A320 CFM at least Works fine... Thanks for support
  7. Hi Mathijs, I added the Text String in the FSX.cfg as suggested by your link. I started FSX and I loaded A319 CFM. The results are in the Picture 1. As you can see the variations is around 15% and all is OK. After that I closed the flight and I loaded the A320 CFM. Surprisingly also in this case the FPS was ok as you can see in the Picture 2, as well as for the A319 IAE. Since I haven't modified everything except the text in FSX.cfg It seemed me strange that all was ok only with the variation in the FSX.cfg, I Rebooted the PC in order to reply this good performance. Unfortunately the problem was not solved as you can see in the picture 3, where I have 10.5 with minimum and 49% of variation...this is not normal. This big variation tends to increase when I Release the Parking Brake. I rebooted several times both the FSX and PC and sometime I Obtained the same performance as picture 2, but I don't know why... Windows 8.1 Intel Core I5 3.2 GHz 8GB RAM Radeon R7-200 Series 2GB FSX Default. Some AFCAD Installed. IVAO IVAP Installed. FSUIPC. AES Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 fully Updated.
  8. Hi Mathijs, your fps is ok and it is what I Have on A319 CFM. If they were always as you show for me it would perfect. How can set the FPS to show you the my Variation? Do you think that a replacement of SimConnect.dll could solve the problem?
  9. Thanks Mathijs for your reply. Just for info my insistence about this problem is not a "caprice" related to low FPS. I accept a low FPS if they are more o less constant around at average value, but in my case the oscillation range is around 15-20 FPS. This lead a very annoying Simulation and it prejudices the good product that I think it is A320. Could a Video help to explain the problem?
  10. Hi to all, just for info, is AES investigating about the problem related to FPS abnormally oscillating or not? If you need further information about the event I am happy to help you. Thanks
  11. In fact I will try to edit by myself. At the moment A320 for me is unusable due to the problem reported above. I would like to use it in the same way as A319.
  12. Hi, because as I explained in post #8 for me the problem seems to be related to "Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll". With the same file of the A319 my frame rate is ok and the product can be use normally. So I think that there is something in the A320 Version that cause the problem, so i Would like to see the differences from both file. If somebody from AES would you like to help me I would be happy do not touch the original file.
  13. Hi to all, is there somebody that can explain me how to edit a dll?
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