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  1. Mathijs, The option is marked "Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta)". Randy
  2. Bitdefender also had issues (I was updating EDDF). https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/86660e252c1a25fd47347b40ce6251c43329786c684c72e300f3e44d144d8df5/relations Randy
  3. It appears this was mentioned on the previous version of the CRJ. Randy
  4. Thanks, Mitch. The tutorial has you start engine 2 first and the shutdown check is a bit vague: "Complete fuel check valve Test for engine 1 – see chapter ” during preparation." Perhaps it should say, "Complete Fuel Feed Check Valve Test for engine 1 (or engine that was started second) – see para. 4.1.5 Item 10", or something clearer. At any rate, I will run through the startup again today and look for the FUEL LO PRESS warning on the EICAS. Perhaps I didn't wait long enough. But shouldn't the ON lights extinguish when you shut off the boost pump switches? Randy
  5. Following the tutorial (p. 2-1-51), after starting Eng 2 you are supposed to carry out the Fuel Feed Check Valve Test. I can operate the Fuel Boost Pump switches (they move), but they remain ON and no "RIGHT FUEL LO PRESS" message appears on EICAS. It goes on to say, "Please keep in mind that now you have to shut down engine 2 first to complete the test procedure!" Is this correct??? Randy
  6. Something strange is happening when changing the payload on the Performance page of the EFB. Setting up the aircraft as empty (0 Fuel/Cargo/Pax) in the CRJ 700 (set to lbs) gives me CG 30.1% MAC. Adding 10 Pax and the CG goes to 52.0% MAC! However, this changes once the Set Payload in Simulator button is pressed. It then shows 5.7% MAC. The green bullseye moves as you alter the load, but does not depict what the numbers are after pressing the button. Sometimes pressing the button a second time yields a different result. Sometimes the Payload shows 0 even with Pax showing. It's very random. Aircraft power OFF or ON does not seem to make a difference. Randy
  7. @Mathijs Kok With the release of P3D v4.5.13.32097 (i.e. hotfix 2), can you confirm that the A3xx are compatible or should we hold off on updating P3D? Randy
  8. Daniel, Have a look at this post. Perhaps it will help. Randy
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