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  1. @Mathijs Kok With the release of P3D v4.5.13.32097 (i.e. hotfix 2), can you confirm that the A3xx are compatible or should we hold off on updating P3D? Randy
  2. I have tried the A320 CFM and A321 IAE and both exhibit the issue. I have noticed that if you toggle several switches (Strobe, Beacon, Wing) beforehand, the problem does not show. Also, switching to C & D after loading in a running state (which has the Nav & Logo already in position 2) and all is well. Randy It appears to have been mentioned before:
  3. I just wanted to add that I, too, am having this issue. I thought it was just me having a hard time locating the click-spot (I'm usually looking from the PF seat, not directly on). I have only tried from C & D. P3D was updated completely (client, content, scenery and HF1) and clean install of A3xx v1.2.5.0 (deleted folders as mentioned in Dave's post). I have only used CFM engines and it is only that switch which gives me problems. Running as Admin and using BitDefender (Windows Security disabled). Using GSX and EZCA. I haven't flown the Airbus in a while but can do some more testing. Randy
  4. I will just add that the reason I wasn't getting prompted to refuel using the aircraft fueling system was because I had the GSX Message Verbosity slider a notch to the left (Display Only Important Messages).
  5. Update: So the reason I wasn't being asked to start fueling is because I had the Message Verbosity slider in GSX set to "Display Only Important Messages".
  6. I do not currently have Estimate Passengers Number checked (I used to) and I tried the other option both ON and OFF and it made no difference to the fueling issue (and didn't ask me to start fueling when ON or OFF). I will test again to be sure. Randy
  7. After another test or two, as soon as you request fuel using GSX, you're locked in and will have to wait for it to finish. Load Fuel and Load Instant no longer function. Load Fuel stays orange until GSX decides to start fueling. Boarding works for me (Estimate PAX number is disabled in GSX so it asks for the number once GSX boarding is requested). However, requesting boarding via GSX also disables Load Instant. Will wait for a fix. Almost time to push back... Randy
  8. Just to update this post before it is closed - it was NOT the setting of chocks that started the fueling. It starts by itself after a certain time once the fuel truck arrives. The Load Fuel and Load Instant functions no longer work once you call for fuel via GSX. Randy
  9. I just did another test and setting the chocks made no difference (from C&D, using checklists, it asks you to set the Parking Brake, which appears to cause the chocks to be removed). It was obviously just a coincidence. I then did another test and using the same procedure (checklists for pre-flight, load the Loadsheet in MCDU3, call for boarding and fuel (in that order)) - I decided just to sit and wait after boarding was complete (fuel truck had already arrived and hooked up earlier). Approx 3 min later, fueling began without any further actions from me. Next time I will ask for fuel before boarding and see if it makes any difference. Randy
  10. As per the other thread on fueling, the truck arrived, hooked up, but then did not begin fueling, even after all pax were boarded. The Fuel entry in MCDU3 remained orange. I did not notice GSX asking to use the aircraft systems to refuel, but once I set the chocks (even though the Parking Brake was ON), fueling began. Maybe this will assist in isolating the issue. 'Detect custom aircraft system refueling' was OFF. Randy
  11. I just had a similar issue with v1.2.5.0 fueling but without the message from GSX. I used the Checklist with Copilot and Fuel Planner/Loadsheet. I selected Boarding and Refueling in GSX after importing the Loadsheet in MCDU3. The boarding proceeded OK and the fuel truck arrived and hooked up, but fueling did not start (remained orange in MCDU3). I waited a while, even after the boarding was complete and fueling would not commence. I wondered what they were waiting for. I went into Gnd Services and set the wheel chocks, even though the parking brake was set, and fueling started. It might have something to do with the fact that this was the initial start after install and the aircraft loaded in running state. I loaded Cold & Dark and carried on. Perhaps I should have restarted P3D after getting my settings reset. I will monitor this in the future. Randy
  12. Also, you may want to backup then delete your Prepar3D.cfg file and let it rebuild on next launch, re-detecting your sound devices, although this will reset your sound settings in P3D. Randy
  13. Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Sound_ASC
  14. We already have the Twin Otter Extended working in P3Dv4, so just like the A3xx Professional, it would be nice to have a fully updated (inside and out) version to take advantage of all that P3D has to offer. I would also be willing to wait for that (and pay a reasonable upgrade fee). To parrot @Gabe777, do it right! Randy
  15. Reinhard, not sure if this helps but there is a thread related to taxiing this aircraft and a link to an interesting article from Flight Global Aviation News describing water prosedures from a test flight. I, too have a hard time with the Twotter on the water. Randy
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