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  1. Thanks, Mahijs. I'll do some more experimenting and see if I can determine what is causing the momentary drop in frames. I'm pretty sure I still have the saved flight which showed the issue (takeoff/approach at Aerosoft's EDDF). Randy
  2. Thanks, Dave. I agree with your assessment and will dial things back a bit with the Airbus. I haven't yet tried any 3rd party shaders but do have some basic adjustments in NVI. Maybe I'll have a look there. Ok. Thanks for the explanation, Mathijs. I never said I used minimal settings - they are moderate to high, on fairly decent hardware. I guess my point was they are acceptable settings when using other high-end aircraft. Also, I wasn't looking for a total rewrite, just a tweak. 😉 Randy
  3. Mathijs, is there any possibility of updating the code to allow these momentary drops in FPS? In other words, some kind of smoothing routine that will keep the wings from banking back and forth without control input when frame rates drop momentarily. It sounds like it would be do-able, at least to my non-programmer mind - maybe locking the ailerons/spoilers in their current position? I know you mentioned that it's the way the A3xx is coded, it is tied to frame rate and you wished it wasn't so. I think we wouldn't mind some choppy visuals if frames dropped in dense scenery areas, but this seems to be unique to the Aerosoft Airbus - the same situation with FSL or PMDG doesn't exhibit this wild rocking behavior. I DO like flying this airplane - just wish I could leave the sliders higher. Randy
  4. Daniel, Have a look at this post. Perhaps it will help. Randy
  5. Kind of hard to see on my iPad, but low airspeed and high AOA initiated alpha floor protection. Perhaps your throttle wasn’t set properly? Randy
  6. RRVyper

    Font Colour

    Peter, Here's an example (from the Extended Settings tab, selecting the ellipses to the right of the EXE.XML ConfigSet line): And my colour selections: Is there another location for adjusting font/background colours? Where can I change the dark green? Randy
  7. Although I voted No, simply for the fact that I would still want to be able to post even if a real name was required, I have the same concerns as Frank, Emanuel and FWAviation. Also, it seems to me that this is the wrong way to encourage/enforce civility. Isn't it the role of the moderators to police these forums and take appropriate actions where necessary? Mathijs, you stated in the 'Talk to the Management' post "I am still very reluctant to take further steps like PMDG does and force people out of their anonymous status. 99% of our customers are just nice people who believe the hobby is about flying aircraft and not posting messages that are hurtful to other people who work their ass of to get a product done." I think you are correct, but perhaps need to be a bit more ruthless with the moderation of those bad apples. Randy
  8. Peter, Can you provide options to change the font/background colours for highlighted lines in the various managers? Black text on dark green is difficult to read. Thanks! Randy
  9. Running the EZCA Config Tool should correct this. Note that it needs to be re-run (takes a few seconds) each time an aircraft is installed/updated. It is also recommended to disable the Airbus View System via the Settings MCDU and instead set up the views in EZCA. Randy
  10. This happened to me today. I was using FSUIPC to autosave the flight so re-ran from before TOD. In the first vid (I hope this works), I had de-selected/re-selected Pause at TOD just prior to the recording, but noticed the aircraft altitude was slightly below the flight plan altitude when it loaded from the saved file(s). I let it go as I was wondering if that was the reason for the lack of Pause. It did not pause at TOD. In the second vid, I pressed the ALT selector to ensure managed mode for altitude (I think that's correct - I'm still learning ) and the bus successfully paused at TOD. I was out of the room when the original flight passed TOD so not sure how things looked but it was still in autopilot flying over KLAS when I got back in the seat. Hope this helps. I have the Save files if your team requires them to re-create the issue. Edit: fixed grammar. 2018-07-28 19-04-34.flv 2018-07-28 19-10-19.flv
  11. Just a heads up: https://www.prepar3d.com/news/2018/06/114765/ Randy
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