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  1. No stairs appears at the airport but its because all parking spots are GA spots. Can you change this parking spot size to make the services appear?
  2. The problem is that by default all the gates at Altenrhein are GA parking. There is an embraer 170 which oarks on stand 2 but in FS2004 this is a GA stand.
  3. Can i change the radius size and the gate type in the AFCAD to get the AES to work properly?
  4. The stairs still dont appear and every other airprot work ok. Is it because at the airprot the gates are all GA? Should i change them in the AFCAD?
  5. Hi Does anyone know why the airstairs do not appear at the airport? The dispatcher says "Blocks in Position" and then nothing happens.
  6. hi In fdc when it plays the saftey briefing instead of saying the briefing it only says 'please direct your attention to the tv monitors' but on youtube there is an easyjet video with the whole briefing. Can someone please help me
  7. Hi I have recently bought fdc live cockpit and i have got the cabin announcements but when it comes to the saftey briefing it only says 'Please direct your attention to the tv monitors' and when i saw it on videos it had the full briefing. Please could someone help me!
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