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  1. I meant the "Vistamare" modul, which is not compatible with steam edition. AES is the only thing I´m really missing, because of the exact jetways movements, which aren`t possible with GSX.
  2. I`m running FSX Steam Edition with windows 10. Regarding Payware Addons I can say, that there is a satisfactory compatibility between Aerosoft and my OS and the sim. Airbus family runs great, PMDG 777 no problem. Aerosoft Mega Airports are working fine. The only addon I´m missing is AES. So I had to buy GSX for steam. Yes, I is because of this "virtuali" software. Hence OS win 10 is running well with the sim. But I have some other issues with the new OS. For example the Power management has strange behaviour. If I want to shut down the pC, win 10 will restart my PC often. But not allways! I am sending my PC now to sleep, when shutting down. That works well and power consumption is very low. greetings to all Flightsimmers. Axe(l)
  3. „Jeder Heilige hat eine Vergangenheit und jeder Sünder hat eine Zukunft.“ – Jo, 37

  4. Dogs and flight sims

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