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  1. hi can we use now the OFFSET with the last update on P3Dv4 /v5 ?
  2. hi can we use now the OFFSET with the last update on P3Dv4 ?
  3. hi i try to insert new waypoint in waypoint page, but the fms does not accept it "BAD FORMAT" i would like entrer this N5202.3 W02060.0 like 5202.3N/02060.0W for this one N5142.6 W03357.8 he accept it what wrong ? http://
  4. In the future an update of fuel capacity will Be great Bécasse 76T is low and wrong for the MTOW 233T the fuel capcity is 97T And for 242T is 139T?
  5. Ok thank for the answer, in future ?
  6. Hello how to increase the range in radio fix page the radius limit at 256NM less 1 hour for ETOPS operations ? thank you
  7. do you think update the ailerons logic ? only one part moving in flight the inside part thx
  8. ICAO : TFFF NAME : FRANCE VFR - LA MARTINIQUE TYPE : PAYWARE FS : FS2004 & FSX DESIGNER : FRANCEVFR LINK : http://secure.simmarket.com/france-vfr-martinique-(fr_2339).phtml
  9. ICAO : TFFR NAME : FRANCE VFR - LA GUADELOUPE TYPE : PAYWARE FS : FS2004 & FSX DESIGNER : FRANCE VFR LINK : http://secure.simmarket.com/france-vfr-la-guadeloupe-(fr_2356).phtml
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