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  1. Driver170


    Aaaaaand crashing again. It seems it crashes after releasing a flight
  2. Driver170


    And that crash is back again
  3. Driver170

    OFP additional waypoints

    Anyone been noticing PFPX duplicating GO waypoints? its happening to me when i set manual adequate airports. I got GO:LECO twice
  4. Driver170

    ETP with PFPX

    hi stephen how do you know this? It only says ETP RULE 60 min
  5. Driver170

    ETP with PFPX

    Any ETOPs gurus? Because i’m not seeing the entry and exit when planning ETOPs?
  6. Driver170

    ETP with PFPX

    Ryanair for this purpose selects an alternate within 1hr flying at OEI ? i will have a look into this. Its all new to me
  7. I got an OFP from a Ryanair pilot yesterday. they flew from LPPT to LPPD using oceanic clearance. I’m new to all this oceanic airways etc. Just reading Ryanair oceanic guide. How can i simulate this in PFPX with the stuff below on the OFP
  8. Driver170

    OFP additional waypoints

    Anyway to turn this off
  9. Driver170

    No airways in certain FIR/UIR

    does this mean less work on validating a route stephen? I know your knowledge is massive when it comes to this but sometimes i do struggle to validate a route
  10. Can anyone explain why there isn’t Airways in these countries
  11. Driver170

    No cruising levels

    Yes indeed. but you never answered my question. Where can these be found on the enroute charts
  12. Hi, where can the cruising levels be found on the charts like this one...
  13. Driver170

    OFP additional waypoints

    I never selected any enroute alternates though