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  1. tcx

    Problem with flight planning

    Thank you sir! The setting was Navigraph. I changed it into Nav data pro and it Works Perfect now. Wonderful!
  2. tcx

    Problem with flight planning

    Hello there, friends. Today I got my first real problem with my Airbus. Look at these screenshots; Any suggestions? Do you have any idea whats wrong? It was not like this yesterday. I have been looking around online but cant find any solutions. Your answer is appreciated
  3. tcx

    Your best Screenshot

    Correct. And I have tried and failed 100 times. But finally I have found the right setting for my taste
  4. tcx

    Your best Screenshot

    You will find it inside aerosoft download section
  5. tcx


    Yes they kick in when I turn the aircraft and hold the brakes at the same time. And they are supposed to work that way, right?
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  7. tcx


    I had the same problem, but I had not installed the latest version of P3D (I tought I had). Try to update your P3D client and Im almost sure the problem is solved. It did fix the problem on my system good luck!
  8. tcx


    Dear aerosoft team, Im sorry if this is wrong forum. I simply love the new bus, and I have completed many flights allready. Just one question - today when I was taxing to my gate after landing at LGW the brakes kicked in. I was not able to release them in any way. So I had to complete my flight and shut down 100 mtrs from my assigned gate. I have done many flights and this has not happend before. So - do you have any idea what this is? Is there anything on flightdeck I did wrong? Autobrakes was of course not armed as I had cleaned up after landing. The red text said "differential brakes", but I did not brake, and I didnt move the nosewheel. So is there anything I can do to prevent this in the future? Thank you for your help