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  1. I originally did a complete install of 4.3 and still had the problem. Since then I re-downloaded the full install of P3Dv4.3 after uninstalling all aircraft and sceneries, deleted remnants left over and my old P3Dv4 installer deleted too. Installed P3Dv4.3 once again, added just the A318/A319 and all perfect. Now added back Orbyx England and everything else. The problem, for me, is fixed with the A318/A319. Thank you gents...
  2. Full install as my son had problems on his so I wanted to see if I had the same when installing 4.3 otherwise I would have done the same as you.
  3. I have the forked lightening or St Elmo effect on 4.3. Just from inside the cockpit, not visible outside.
  4. I have that problem too. I saw Matt Davies had it also so I knew it was widespread. Waiting to take off but not until it goes.
  5. I have only a Dual Core Intel Anniversary Processor, 8Gb DDR3 Ram and a GSX 550TI 1GB video card. I'm not worried by the above at all. I'm a semi invalid and it will be a long time before I can think about upgrading but heck I just dial it down as always and hope for the best. I can usually make it work some way or other. I may get a second hand i5 processor later in the year as CEX often have them in for a socket 1150 then look for a better video card in the fall, around Black Friday. At least for now my P3D 4.2 works acceptably.
  6. It is hoped a post from anyone is made with the utmost sincerity in an adult manner and with no distaste to others. Whilst at the same time hopefully making it an intelligent and articulate post and on topic. This often may not happen and if it breaks any rules the Mods sort it out. Likewise the same goes for the up votes and the down votes, they are often posted to rile people up and or show bias, then have to be modded. When I read posts I ignore the votes because somewhere amongst them they may still retain some kind of bias. The thing I judge is the post itself and I take them at face value. Not once referring to how many votes they may or may not have received. Let's be honest, not everyone votes anyway, I rarely if ever do. Now, for me at least, back to the topic itself.
  7. With the very greatest of respect and no offence intended, I suggest stop rising to the bait. You'll be purchasing what you consider is top of your personal tree. What they have or think they have is up to them and their wallets. I have little to spare and live on a day by day basis but I know where my limited funds will go. Let the fan boys go vroom vroom while you fly the model you so obviously really love. As long as AS make enough to support the company it really doesn't matter what others think and they will answer any untrue accusations. Honestly, no matter what you claim in FB they will try to turn it around. No wonder I use FB on a limited needs must basis. I've seen the streams of the other products and if I wasn't already purchasing from As I would be now.
  8. Pretty sure you will be over joyed with the Airbus. I moved from hating Airbuses to loving them once I got an Aerosoft product. I too have moved recently from FSX to P3Dv4 and the airbus will be my main aircraft. I'm hoping, in time, to get maybe the A320/A321 and the A330. I had the A321 extended in FSX so I'll look for a pack of some description maybe, depending on price. I am sure manuals, tutorial flights and YouTube content will be around pretty quickly. With a little background reading the planes are much more responsive and make you more confident. Good luck and enjoy....
  9. I have quite a few PMDG models for FSX and that will remain my secondary Flight Sim. Recently I made the move to P3D V4 and will not be updating any PMDG to it. If I wish to use the ones I have I'll open FSX. But my main system will be P3D v4 and I hope to get the Aerosoft A320 and A330 for P3D v4 subject to pricing. They are the major planes I want and nothing else will do. I have the A320 extended and will replace that for an A320 that works in P3D v4 in some kind of package maybe. If the truth be told I made the transition to P3D v4 just for Aerosoft, and especially the A330, though JF supported us too by making my previous purchases compatible. I really don't care how long I wait, I am not a fan boy-I am nearly 60, a semi invalid and know what works really well for me and "floats my boat". I know that gradually FSX will be phased out and now was the time to move for me, my number 1 concern being to build my new Primary sim around Aerosoft models and keep FSX for PMDG. Though I did get the Q400 Dash 8 for P3D v4 too.
  10. I've had all sorts of planes in the last 17-20 years. I never liked Airbusses to be honest, until I tried Aerosoft. Now when it comes to waiting or using alternatives I will wait as long as it takes. Nothing compares with the feeling I get from the Aerosoft range. I've recently moved on to P3D V4 and am having to upgrade it to the same or better level than FSX. I will miss my PMDG products but no way can I or even would I pay those ludicrous prices. But if it came to a choice between PMDG or Aerosoft I'd go down the Aerosoft route no matter what. I'll wait, don't care how long it is, I'm going nowhere else.
  11. Woots! On P3D v4 now and a refreshing change, 64 bit too. Bring on the A330 puhleese! At least I got time to add a few bits in as JF stuff has been made to work in it too. I got the upgrade to EZdok today also for P3D v4, that's far different to the one I had in FSX. If Flight Commander 9.6/7 gets fixed and their's an upgrade from 9.5 I might be able to use that as well. Can't wait to be flying the A330 now.
  12. Due to a refund from the electric board (cold weather payment) I am now getting P3D v4, hopefully Orbyx and later the A330 when released and funds gained as I am a semi invalid and have to budget carefully. I am so overjoyed at being able to swap out from my long run with FSX and be better able to run the A330. Sadly I have the A320 extended but I don't think it possible to use in P3D v4. My Justflight planes move over so that is a bonus. I am so overjoyed now and it's like being a kid again and excited about all the new additions and changes. Thank you Aerosoft for putting out so many great planes. I have short term memory problems and confusion due to severe pain medication but still manage to learn the systems in the AE planes and once they join long term memory I cope far better. But these planes are so realistic and pleasing to the eye too.
  13. With the greatest of respect, I suffer from short term memory problems and confusion due to pain meds affecting the brain and I still find things without too much effort in these posts. With respect to the 2016 date in the first post that should remain, and IMHO as I am not a Mod or owner, so should any posts mentioning it. The current dates, if any become available, are in the current posts. Whilst I do not necessarily agree with the mix of A320 and A330 in the same thread it has happened and it is still possible to work my way through and both find what I want, and separate one plane type from the other. Their are often valid reasons to do these things, the Mods and/or Staff decide them and we have to just learn to adapt. It really isn't that difficult once you try.
  14. To be perfectly honest and no offence to anyone who does or does not use it I hardly ever, if at all (memory problems due to pain meds that affect the brain), use the up/down voting system. A question or a statement is valid to that person irrespective of whoever may think otherwise. I always say the only stupid question is the one you never ask. Meanwhile, the Mods are here to sort the trolls and do a pretty good job too. Anyway, let's talk virtual planes and what a wonderful job Aerosoft do. Finally, for those having a Bank Holiday weekend I hope you really enjoy it.
  15. I'd like one but then I'm a soft touch for gizmos...... What others think is totally up to them and it would be a boring world if we were all the same. At the end of the day if one is there we all have a chance of using it there and then, adopting it later (maybe after favorable comments), or ignoring it altogether (perhaps some bad comments or just not wanting it anyway).
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