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  1. Update, I can confirm that the X-plane 10 Download is actually 1.9.9, However i have downloaded the version for X-plane 11 and it has a 10 .acf file which is working for 1.9.12. So if you want to update to 1.9.12 on X-plane 10 use the 11 link ... Confusing Thanks Shannon
  2. Thanks for the reply, Even if i go and change the version manually in the .ini file the system still advises it is not current, when i click on the 777 menu the graphic also still has 1.9.9. It still does not look as though it is 1.9.12 ? Thank you Shannon
  3. Hi Heinz, I have just downloaded V1.9.12 from the customer download shop and installed and am experiencing the same as above. If i follow your steps above the Change log itself only goes to 1.9.9. The version777.txt in the aircraft directory is 010912 and the version.ini is [version] major = 1 minor = 9 patch = 9 Can you confirm the version that is on the website for X-plane 10 is actually 1.9.12 ? Thank you Shannon
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