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  1. Aerosoft has by far the best programs I have ever bought. If there is "a lot of negative unwarranted" comments it is because you answer all the comments and don't filter out the people that just like to see their names on the forums. You are all very patient and have helped me a lot as I fumble through Flight Simulating. Thanks for your help, patience and tact from all of us.
  2. Used to fly a helicopter in real life with this. The FPV shows you where the aircraft is really going. Just fly the aircraft so that the FPV is on the touchdown point , we never looked at the attitude reference or the nav track in the landing mode.
  3. From the guy who has done everything wrong at least once. I have the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS as well. My problem may have been similar to yours. In my case when i went into the throttle assignment/ axis assignment section I assigned throttle 1 to throttle one axis and throttle two to throttle two axis. Below all those assignments i finally found ANOTHER throttle axis assignment that assigns both axis to the throttle two throttle lever. I deleted that and now it works correctly. The CJR Pro and Thrustmaster are both great!!!
  4. As I push back, the APU, all the bleed switch lights, and pretty much any light on the overhead go off. Once I pushed on the APU start thinking I had forgotten to start it and that shut the APU down. Often when I taxi the managed Speed and Heading "white light" goes out, After take off sometime during the cruise the auto pilot, auto thrust indicators go out but looking at the PFD confirms they are still on. This seemed to occur after I installed GSX level two but that could be wrong.
  5. As always a great product and a joy to fly. But it is not just a great acft, the supporting systems; fuel planner, configuration module, flight planner and and the updater system make it the best acft on the market. Thank you for all your hard work.
  6. From reading some posts in this forum and seeing advice about the same version needed to connect, can I assume that if one of is in FSX and the other in P3Dv4 the connection will not work?
  7. Mathijs,

    I apologize for writing a post in the CRJ preview forum about a surprise on Monday.  I received an email from the US Aerosoft division about a two day postal delivery of a preordered program.  The only thing I thought it could be was the CRJ.  Turns out I also ordered the X Plane 11 program and forgot about it.  Oh well it was a happy week end anticipating and I still get to anticipate it again! 

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