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  1. Unfortunately not. Mathijs told me on March 9th of 2018 that he would send me an installer to test, more than one full year and nothing...
  2. Sorry, but it is more likely that the error is in the P3Dv3 installer, as was previously the case with the first version,thanks.
  3. Thanks again dfw, but after start P3Dv3 without loading tacpack NO difference ,then I uninstalled and installed it again but the result was the same...
  4. Hi, After installing version v3.00 (FEB 19th installer) I noticed that Aircraft Manager does NOT work when I tried to set the fuel in 1/4 or armament (Payload). I also noticed that Flap, Spoiler, Wing Sweep, Throttle lever, Flap lever, etc. also did NOT work . I tried to uninstall and install again 3x and it was the same. (I used version 2.02 previously with NO problem) As I also have P3D v4.2, I installed the same file guess what? Everything worked perfectly: Aircraft Manager, Wing Sweep, Throttle lever, Flap lever, etc. 100% OK So, I believe there is a problem with this installer on P3Dv3. Has someone using P3Dv3 experienced this problem too? Thank you, Rgds, Hamilton
  5. Found the culprit !! Even choosing the P3D v3 option during installation, the installer create a Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder ...user\yourname\Documents\ where it puts inside only a file "add-on.xml INSTEAD of creating a Prepar3D v3 Add-ons folder since I don´t have v4, so I delete the v4 folder and copy the Aerosoft F-14 Extended folder to my Prepar3D v3 Add-ons folder. So it was NOT my fault, it´s a bugged installer.
  6. First of all,thank you for your time to answer my post, about "following the new possibilities given by LM to install an addon" I would follow ANY new possibilities provided there ARE instructions how to do it About " there is no special instruction required", there are NO instructions at all, I´m using P3D V3 and there´s an option for P3Dv3 I tried the default offered C:\MyAddons and when I run the sim there´s no F-14 installed. "you are the first one where the installation does not work for whatever reason." Not true again,check Avsim , SOH and flightsim.com Forum and you´ll see pages and pages about problems to install it. Why didn´t they put a small readme to explain those steps...
  7. It´s funny because there are 4 Licence agreement.txt (4 languages ) but it does not even have a simple up-to-date installation instruction...
  8. Hello, I have this product since released and I´ve never had problems to install ,but this 3.00 version is driving me crazy... It asks : "Please select a folder to save the Scenery Data.To install to this folder ,click next.To install to a different,click Browse and select another" Scenery Data ??? I tried the default pointed C:\Myaddons ?!?, i didn´t work.. then I tried the default P3D directory.. I didn´t work... Jesus, do I have to manually copy those folders from Aerosoft folder to P3D ?? If so what´s the purpose of an installer? Thanks for any input, Hamilton
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