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  1. Hello again! Sorry to revive this old thread. But I had some issues with my own file where gates weren't used by Traffic Global (for X-Plane 11). I found that I had given a lot of the gates the wrong designation (not gate, but various and usage set as "none" instead of airline). That is fixed in this corrected edition so that all gates are used. Also, smaller jets no longer park at the E and F piers which are only for big jets and some of the B-gates at apron had the wrong airplane size designation, making triple 7's park there. Very spectacular but not very realistic... I also
  2. OK, that was quite a steep learning curve as it's the first time I gave anything of this sort a try. Thanks again for getting me started! And you were right, most time went into clearing the issues and there quite a few! Most were to do with taxi routes not being flagged as no-go when a certain runway is in use. Either way, in the end I got a working apt.dat. Then I found that the biggest issue was with the airport just not having any vehicles that it could recognise as tow trucks. So I added 1 or 2 per pier (depending on the size/time it would take to drive around it) and a rudimentary
  3. Thanks matchvisser! That is a plugin I am certainly going to give a try!
  4. Thanks a lot FlyAgi and Heinz! I will certainly give it a try! @Heinz: I had indeed seen that version. But I noticed it has WT3 ground routes, and I have Traffic Global so I am not sure that will work. Also, it is slightly too heavy on the libraries for me. I had issues with some of them, causing CTD's. Also, my machine is on the older side so I prefer the "vanilla" EHAM version of Aerosoft, as it looks nice without too severely impacting performance. So if I could add the ground routes to it without anything else, that would have my preference. I will post
  5. Hello Heinz, Thank you for the fast response! And: copy that. It's a shame but that's how it is. Stay safe! Do you maybe know of a tool that would allow adding them? I wouldnt mind putting some hours into it. Or is it a matter of adding the list of points to the apt.dat? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello! I recently bought Airport Amsterdam for XPlane 11 and I am running it on X-Plane 11 11.41. But whenever I request a pushback, it tells me I should try a different gate or a larger airport. I tried gates on all piers, but no luck, even not if there is a pushback truck standing at the gate. Its not super critical, as usually you can taxi out with a little clipping through the terminal building which doesnt seem to do any damage. But its not very realistic. Is there indeed no pushback, or is something going wrong? I was running it with the following
  7. Hi, Sorry, mein Deutsch ist ganz slecht, so ich versuch es mal auf English. :oops: I have Windows Vista and Eurowings 2004, and it works fine. Only the FMC from the package caused FS9 to crash once it was opened in flight. Windows would then tell me: "Runtime error 429: ActiveX component can't create object". After some searching I found that it was only caused by a missing system file (dll?). It appears the standard installation of Vista comes with less of those than xp used to. Mind you, this fix only works for Eurowings 2004, I donĀ“t have any of the other mentioned add-ons. solut
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