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    The good news is I managed not to crash at Lukla! I gues the several hundreds of landings here have paid off on this crucial moment. The bad news is that FSFS is nowhere near being prepared for the demands of this airfield and its unique and nerve wrecking approach! The landing score... yes, as expect it's very low! Neverthelesss, a fun flight, mostly VFR, trying to identify the peaks, and diverting through clouds to maintain clear of terrain. Pictures being posted along with the flight route. And the veredict: Gonçalo Moreira piloting de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter YA ended 15 October 2011 at 19:15 Aircraft: DeHavilland ID: 9N-AET Airline: Flight: Flight plan: NAV1: BBD Failure(s): None at landing Failure Event(s) (Zulu Time): None Failure Bonus:0% Flight Duration:00 Hours 47 Mins 11 Secs Landing Score:26.60 Landing was successful in the following areas: * Gentle touchdown. [308 FPM] * Good landing speed - not too fast. [54 KIAS] * Wings were level. * Good pitch control after touchdown. * Good pitch at landing. * With flaps - good job. * Good controlled final descent to touchdown. Landing included the following problems: * No glideslope information was available on visual approach. * No runway alignment information was available on visual approach. * Landed without a proper approach OR off runway surface. * No glideslope - could not compare flare to glideslope. * Touch down not aligned with the runway - let's point down the runway. * Throttle(s) forward - should be idle. * Poor steering after landing - stay on the centre line. Definite room for improvement... Flight Score:108.73 Flight commended in the following areas: * Smooth turns. * Nice banking. * Correct matching of flaps to speeds. * Comfortable G forces. * Smooth pitch control. * Flown within aircraft's maximum speed limit. * Good take off steering. * Rotation was not late. * Appropriate position of flaps during taxi. * Safe taxi speed. * Smooth braking during taxi. * Smooth climb during takeoff. * Wings level near ground. * Well coordinated turns. * No stalls. * No flying dangerously close to stall speed. * Smooth comfortable descent rate. * Pitch not too high. * Flaps down on time. * Approach speed not too fast. * Low altitude speeds not too fast. Flight included the following problems: * Dangerous taxiing turns - these cause discomfort and stress. * Nose held too low - we're not in combat. * Narrowly missed obstacles - plan your safety altitudes. Definite room for improvement...
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    On my side, you got 100% focus in finishing this. I'm having lot's of fun! Not even caring much about Whittle or "Smithers" these days! Every spare minute I got, I get some flying done, to make sure I fulfill the deadlines. Sometimes I have to "pause" for 24hrs, but what the hell... My dream of arriving on formation at Andras still stands! And Ole, you should meet us on your private plane for the last leg of the last phase! Edit: Here's a screenie... Currently making good progress towards Bagdogra, India.... That should be about halfway through Phase 4!

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