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  1. Well.. when you need to land in CATII weather... You're stuck to it...
  2. Unsure about the correct place for this suggestion, but here goes. have you ever thought of taking the bus mechanic simulator (really nice sim, only lacking the economics part of it) and creating an aircraft mechanic simulator, namely with piston models? It could be awesome! Anyway, also using the opportunity to thank Aerosoft for reliable quality on sim products for many years. I’m quite a fan (and client)!
  3. Looks as if the low sunlight is reflecting off the mirrored surface on the inside of the navlight.
  4. +5 By the way I take the chance to congratulate Aerosft's management for contributing so much to our community, by giving us superior quality addons, at competitive prices. Truly, everytime you release something new, I feel I have to buy it, even if it's in the other side of the world! Congratulations and keep on going!
  5. Hi Israel, Check out this one: http://www.space-shuttle-mission.com/. Of all the ones i've tried, it's by far the best and most realistic. Orbiter is great for exploring the universe, this one is excellent ti simulate the Shuttle. I love that feeling taht i'm gonna crash on the glide-in, after many hours of a sucessfull mission... Have fun. g.
  6. Ari nav pro. I use it for real life piloting, but it now interfaces with FSX. neat tool!
  7. Dear Matt, You're held liable for repairing the broken windows in my house! And more, I met the local police yesterday evening and he told me you'd get a speeding fine. Who let those guys in anyway?!?! Cheers, g.
  8. Toby, you should participate anyway! The more the merrier! Matt, any news?
  9. I agree it will be very difficult to make all online at the same time, but we can fly using vatsim or the andras server and with teamspeak tuned on the andras channel. That way we can talk to whoever is also flying along. Sumarizing, everyone should fly online, but with no fixed timings.
  10. Well, always looking for a good reason to fly. I'm most probably IN. Go for it Matt.
  11. Teamspeak server working OK, but I can't connect via gamespy. Anyone tried?
  12. And cool it is! Ole, Can I claim anotehr Aerosoft prize for wining phase 5? cheers, g.
  13. Me three. Will try to put wife on hold and join the party. Indeed I'm happy to know about the GS server being up again. will see if I can log some time tonight
  14. The aerosoft servers were down, and as I posted here, I was unable to log on to VAE or to make a new registration on time since it needs to be accepted. By the time someone created a session, I had moved on with my life and sadly. At least with me and Toby we would have been 4. No need for sulking...
  15. well guys, the gamespy and TS3 servers still seem to be offline, and i'm unable to recover my password at VAE since it says my account doesn't exist. It must have been deleted... Any ideas?
  16. just arrived home, hope to see you guys in an hour for the final flight of the RTWC
  17. Thanks Ole! Please people don't forget, the adventure is still pending completion with the online flight ensemble into Andras Field! I miss home... ;-)
  18. Congratulations to everyone that finished. That was the main goal here. What an adventure, and what fine time spent in the cockpit (errr..computer)...! A special note to Andreas, well done mate! What a fantastic score you achieved!
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