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FSX Consolidated Catalina Mk.I "Jøssing II" 1945

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About This File

FSX Consolidated Catalina Mk.I "Jøssing II" 1945 (textures only)

A repaint of the superb payware Aerosoft Catalina package. It is painted as Catalina Mk.I JV933 "Jøssing II" from No. 333 (Norwegian) Sqn. RAF, Norway, summer 1945.

Repaint by Jens-Ole Kjølberg

Email: jekjolberg@hotmail.com


Installation (FsX)


This zip file contains only the textures. You will also need to buy the Aerosoft Catalina package. The intended method for installation is as an optional set of markings.

A) Extract the texture files (*.bmp) in this zip file to the main Aerosoft Catalina PBY-5_MIL folder (Install with folder path "ON")

B) Edit the aircraft.cfg files to add a new [fltsim.x] section that reads as follows:

(change "x" to be the next number in sequence -- don't duplicate or skip or

it will not work)



title =PBY-5_Military_Jossing2

sim = PBY5_MIL

model =Vingtor

panel =

sound =

texture =Jossing_II-2

panel_alias =

sound_alias =

kb_checklists =cat_check

kb_reference =cat_ref

atc_id =JV933

atc_id_color =

atc_parking_types =RAMP

atc_parking_code =



atc_type =Consolidated

atc_model =None

ui_manufacturer ="Consolidated"

ui_type ="Catalina"

ui_variation ="PBY-5 Jøssing II of No. 333 (N) Sqn RAF 1945"

ui_typerole="Twin Engine Prop"


description ="Consolidated Catalina Mk.I JV933 / KK-C "Jøssing II" of No. 333 (Norwegian) Squadron RAF, based in the recently liberated Norway, summer 1945.\n\nIt was one of two Catalinas used to carry a delegation including the Commander of the Armed Forces, Crown Prince Olav, on a tour along the entire Norwegian coastline. On this occation the small Norwegian service flags were replaced by much larger flags.

visual_damage = 0


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