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AES Swissport Vehicle Repaints Pack 1.0

About This File

This is a Swissport vehicle repaint pack.





VN-01-04 - Pushback towless medium

VN-01-05 - Pushback towless big

VN-02-01 - Bus 1 Long

VN-02-02 - Bus 2 Short

VN-02-03 - Bus Neoplan

VN-03-01 - Stair open small

VN-03-02 - Stair open big

VN-04-01 - Containerloader medium

VN-05-01 - Beltloader medium

VN-06-01 - Cleaning Crew Van closed

VN-07-10 - Waterservice

VN-07-15 - Fuel Pump

VN-07-30 - DeIceing


Note: All vehicles have GBJ (Jersey) License plates. If you don't want this, you can simply change this with DXTBMP & Paint (For example). The best program to use for this is Adobe Photoshop.


Tested in FS9.





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