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  1. I know that this is an old post but the reason why PFPX cant read the .xml file that it needs is because there is no data. Opening REX's metar_report.xml in the PFPX folder only shows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <NewDataSet/> However, there are three weather.xml files in the REX main folder, of which weatherasm2.xml has a file size in my case of 1277 Kb. The Date Modified is updated each time REX is used. This is the file that's used by the REX servers when gathering weather. Sadly, copying this file into the REX PFPX folder and renaming it metar_report.xml (after having renamed the original file in there with a .old extension) still results in the same error message in PFPX. I haven't had any joy tinkering with the data set using MS Excel either.
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    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    I just wanted to say that I have Flight Sim Commander 9 in addition to PFPX, but I don't like it much and it's currently uninstalled.
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    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    That's just what I've bee searching for. Thaks a million. It does beg the question, though; using the template is one thing, but it seems to be superfluous if you have no-where to export the flight plans after? The CRJ already has a number of flight plans pre-installed in the Documents/Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ/FlightPlans folder, and in .flp format. I'd really like to see PFPX integration, and I wonder what program the pre-installed plans were built from. Maybe you know?
  4. Yes, I'm going to open this old chestnut again, having just bought the extraordinarily good Mega Heathrow Airport Xtended. Like many others, I downloaded AES only to discover that it won't run on FSX Steam Edition, which detracts enormously from the enjoyment of using the airport. Now while I agree with only certain comments made on this thread, what it boils down to is this. Unless my tired eyes missed something, I didn't see a disclaimer on the product page stating that, for FSX Steam users, software from a third party developer would be needed for animated traffic and jetways (the latter being a small but in my view essential requirement, given the many hours of development), and that it was incompatible. What gets me is that the Steam Edition is well established now, yet no solution has been found years after its release to address the problem. It's clear that Vistamare has essentially given up on the long-standing compatibility issue (playing a waiting game because of Steam updates doesn't wash with me), putting Aerosoft at a disadvantage, upsetting its customers, and leaving it with egg on its face. Aerosoft is a household name to simmers around the world, with world class products which in this case are tarnishing its reputation. As a devotee of Aerosoft products, I strongly suggest that it disassociates itself from Vistamare and finds both a fresh partner and a solution to the problem. Other developers have managed it (like those offering full compatibility with OrbX products, for example), and if it means that I need to pay for third party software that offers enhancements and full compatibility to your excellent Mega Airports, I will. It's common in the flightsim world. No-one likes to feel disappointment and frustration after seeing a class-leading airport like Heathrow Xtended flawed because a company like Vistamare won't support it, so please speak to other developers who may be able to integrate your products that will keep the wow! factor going.