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  1. Okay - bei mir hat's mit Deaktivierung der Firewall im Norton geholfen. Danke dafür!
  2. Hi, hab seit ca. 1 Woche folgendes Problem: es werden bei mir keine online Wetter-Updates mehr gemacht. Letzter Stand vom Wetter den ich dort drin hab ist vom 09. Oktober. Des weiteren wollte ich meine Server-Subscription verlängern (gültig bis zum 01. November): hab mir deshalb sone Verlängerung geholt (Code liegt vor), aber PFPX kann keine Verbindung zum Server herstellen... Internet und sonst auch alles läuft wunderbar - nur PFPX muckt auf. Aktuelle Version ist 1.28 Hoffe jemand kann mir da sachdienliche Hinweise geben Danke Gruß Flo
  3. Affirm: But it should also work via GSX normally - but I'll check that again. What about the last error-message: What is this jetway.cfg and how is it created?
  4. Good evening, just installed the new version of Malaga and wanted to try it out how it works with the SODE jetways (before I used AES for that). I wanted to control the jetway via GSX, but can't do so, because in GSX-menue it says: "SODE is unavailable, jetways will not animate" In GSX I assigned all gate positions with jetways as needed. Attached you'll find the logfile from SODE - I can't figure out what exactly the problem there is.... logfile SODE.txt
  5. MAN Stadtbusfamilie Probleme

    OMSI --> Vehicles --> MAN_NL_NG_263 Das ist der Bus-Ordner und dort schmeißt dann die hof-Dateien von deinen Maps rein (kopierst halt aus einem deiner bisherigen Busse dort rein)
  6. I have this issue with missing jetways ONLY when I ARRIVE from another airport! When I depart at PRG no problem at all - but there no jetways when I return back. (always have to start apc.exe again....) Yes to these two points - never checked out how point 1 is working out.
  7. What's the problem doing when flying from another airport back to PRG and jetways are not visible?
  8. Solved Aerosoft Dublin! Please update!

    Same here in FSX - in 90% of my flights to DUB I've an OOM on final....
  9. That's perfect with Ctrl+J - was also a I wanted to mention, but no need for that anymore I've the same case: just did 2 rotations this week LKPR-LGSA-LKPR and LKPR-LBBG-LKPR and always when I returned the jetways were not at their place (just disappeared...) Looking forward to a fix for that! Thx in advance for your support.
  10. @cgentil and @DarrianCZE It's working now - thanks!
  11. Was there a solution when the AGNIS-display shows "TYPE UNKN(own)"???
  12. I'm using the normal FSX (CD-version) and no APController.exe is showing up under processes. Still manual start needed (then yes).
  13. Here you go Premek with my files. Just to clarify: I'v Win7 with FSX and when I start at Prag airport the apron still looks blurry from the beginning. But when I start APC then manually it looks normal (even when I use GSX now ) dll.xml exe.xml fsx.CFG scenery.cfg
  14. Having FSX and Windows 7. Starting off just like before with the update installed and the apron textures are still "bad"/not visible. I now start APC.exe manually again and the apron textures appear again. Advance after the update now: after any GSX-command I don't have to start APC again and again. At least a little step forward (but guess that won't be the final one).
  15. Prag Problem

    Den AirportController muss man nicht nur neu starten, wenn man das GSX-Menü aufruft, sondern quasi auch nach jedem einzelnen Kommando was man dort eingibt (nachm Boarding, nachm Pushback etc.) Ist für mich leider keine wirkliche Lösung.