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  1. andymax00

    Aircraft Stability

    Hi! Can anybody help me please? Should I email support directly? Regards! Andrés.
  2. andymax00

    Aircraft Stability

    Hello everyone! First of all let me say how impressed I am with the modeling. It is amazing. I have been experiencing issues with the aircraft: stutters. Despite of the settings adjustments and the information available on this forum, I have not been able to make the aircraft stable on the sim, whether on the outside or on the VC. Furthermore, I have noticed that the frame rates are fluctuating a lot. I spent the last couple of days carefully reading the manual and some recommendations made on this forum but I have not had success. For ease, here are my specs: · P3D V4.3 · Windows 7 · GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5) · i7-4790 CPU · Samsung S22D300HY monitor (1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz via HDMI) No problems whatsoever with other aircraft (hope no one takes this as criticism. Just calling my experience out with other add-ons). Thanks in advance! Andrés R.
  3. Cold and late arrival to Minneapolis....
  4. andymax00

    AES 2.21 released!

    Thank you guys! Just wondering when the paint kit will be available or how it will work? Anyway, THE best complement for the sim so far
  5. Life without challenges is a wasted life, that’s why we have to act in positive, think in positive and life in positive. And with that kind of attitude I will repeat to myself: "Nothing is a problem for me, ‘cause I’ll see every problem as a challenge, so let challenges come!