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  1. Version

    EUREKA!!! Got it. Finally. It was the upper speed placard (above the MFD) and not the lower one behind the yoke. Pfffft.
  2. Version

    Thanks @Jaas I was able to solve the 'Dave problem' to load the DUS-BSL tutorial. I wonder why 'the yoke' is not selectable in Dave or the Configurator. BTW, while in 1005, the Aerosoft Laucher tells me there is no update. I had to learn through the forum that there was a 1011. I'm going to scan the forum further for the yoke issue and maybe a panel.cfg if it's in there. Hope to find it, because furthermore I like the CRJ. Dirk
  3. Version

    Sorry Hans, but the yoke problem is NOT over yet. I uninstalled the version 1005; installed the downloaded 1011; in P3Dv3 I started with a default Baron; and started the engines (silly procedure, but apparently needed); loaded the CRJ900; and found no clickspot to remove the yoke. It would have been nice to know where that spot is situated, but I scanned every possible place on and around the yoke and no clickspot to get the darn thing out of the way. I changed views for other than EZDOK, but that did not help either. On top of that in Dave, I cannot select chocks and/or GPU which was possible with v1005. Imho, the CRJ is still in beta with these kind of problems. Dirk
  4. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    The post I posted yesterday was written before in my holiday home. So I rushed home yesterday and posted it on the forum and then I had just a few hours to get joinfs and teamspeak downloaded and installed. It looked as if it worked, but at 1800 UTC there was nobody there but me. In fact a bit silly to expect this to work at the first try. So around 18:20 UTC I fired up the engines of the Q400 and started the flight on my own. If it were the CB's around Munich or a processor overload, I don't know. But the kite went out of control dramaticly. Since I had some obligations to follow that evening I quit. But this Mondaymorning the 28th I made the flight to Paderborn. The final leg (123 or whatever): LOWI to EDLP. 357 Nm, on FL240 Route: LOWI KOGOL UM726 ERNAS Y101 INBED UL610 LOHRE Z850 BADGO Y867 PELUN EDLP Duration: 1hr17m Takeoff: 07:52z Landing: 09:10z Fuel used: 1194 kgs Metar departure: LOWI 280720Z 27003KT 240V300 9999 FEW005 FEW060CB SCT110 BKN300 16/14 Q1021 NOSIG Metar destination: EDLP 280820Z 14008KT CAVOK 20/10 Q1020 Since the ATIS gave winds 273@6 it must be a RWY26 departure following the MOGT2H SID: Exactly at end of the SID I levelled off at FL240 and half an hour into the flight I saw CB's in my path: I had to switch the 'fasten seat belt' on and steering around the clouds it was a rough ride. But around EDDN we were in the clear (almost) and that stayed that way the rest of the flight. In the approach I paused the sim to let the scenery (that was very blurred) build up, but apparently not long enough, because the airport was still loading when I was on short final for RWY06. Never mind. I managed to make a 'long field landing' which meant a long ride after the Follow Me car: ATC gave me parking 26: ...and that completes this fantastic trip around the globe. Just to put a face to a name.... below me in the 737 at Simflying Amsterdam: Wishing you all the best and many happy landings, Dirk
  5. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    The final leg of a 2,5 year epic journey. When the bunch of over 60 simpilots was on their way to Greenland already, I joined this journey that brought me in in 136 legs over 57,768 Nm back to Paderborn. But that is not the whole trip that took me through FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv3. I started with the iFly737-800 in KLM livery, catched up the group and flew all the way to SVCN in Venezuela, an airport that was a bit too small for my 737. With 8,026 Nm behind the wings I decided to go for the Cessna C404 Titan, warped myself back to Paderborn and started all over again. I flew all legs to SACO (Argentina) and then westbound to SCTE (Chile) and felt a bit disappointed that I had not visited the ultimate southern airport on the South-American mainland, Punto Arenas. So, off the record, I made a D-tour from SACO via the Falkland Islands to SCCI Punta Arenas and then back to SCTE in Chile. This took me 2,370 Nm. Continuing the journey with the C404 until arriving in Quito Equador (old airport) on the 13th of November 2015. Then I was so lucky that a family member gave me his ‘old’ flightsim PC because he stopped his hobby. This was a then 3-4 year old special built sim-PC I still use today. I decided to switch to P3D to find out that the C404 was not compatible. So for the time being I switched to the default Beechcraft A36 Bonanza that took me in 5 legs to MHTG in Honduras. Going for a bit more advanced aircraft, I bought the RealAir Beechcraft B60 Turbine Duke. That one took me all the way to VGEG in Bangladesh. Around that time the Beechcraft B350i King Air was released for P3D so I bought that one. Getting familiar with the kite lead to my second off the record D-tour. From the Beechcraft factory airport at KBEC I flew to VGEG. This took me (cutting corners a bit) 10,420 Nm extra. Mainly because the B350i’s Proline 21 had a lot of bugs and did not work as it should and documentation was minimal, I had to go for another aircraft again. Based on very positive reviews I bought the Majestic Q400. This time I did not fly it all the way from the factory in Canada to VGEG. I might do that one day, but I was a bit behind the group. The first legs in the Q400 speeded up my learning curve. The Q400 in different liveries served the remaining legs and is now parked at LOWI (gate 7) for the final flight this evening to Paderborn. D-tours included I logged 78,585 Nm (inclusive the 348 Nm of the last leg) that I hope we can fly together later today. A big ‘thank you’ goes to Toby for guiding us over the planet and Matthijs Kok/Aerosoft for facilitating the forum and various discounts and free gifts. This global trip brought me to places I otherwise probably never had flown to and… made me join two Virtual Airlines (Wideroe VA and Andras Meridian VA) that I now fly regularly. It’s been a pleasure and sure I miss you all, sim pilots and your posts in the forum. Hope to meet some of you in November in Lelystad. Happy landings Dirk
  6. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    This time a very compact report on my last two flights before the final one. Leg 122A: LSZH to EDNY, 68 Nm on FL110. On 16th of July Route: LSZH ZUE EDNY Duration: 31minutes Takeoff: 18:53z Landing: 19:25z Fuel used: 517 kgs Metar departure: LSZH 161850Z 03004KT 060V140 CAVOK 24/10 Q1023 NOSIG Metar destination: EDNY 161850Z VRB01KT CAVOK 19/12 Q1023 Takeoff was from RWY 34, then the ZUE1G SID that ends as the starting point of the ZUE4P STAR, then the ILS24 approach, MOKOP transition. Leg 122B: EDNY to LOWI, 131 Nm on FL130. On 17th of July Route: EDNY BEMKI LOWI DuraTION: 34 minutes Takeoff: 09:36z Landing: 10:11z Fuel used: 574 kgs Metar departure: EDNY 170850Z VRB03KT CAVOK 24/13 Q1022 Metar destination: LOWI 170950Z VRB01KT 9999 FEW060 23/12 Q1023 NOSIG Takeoff was from RWY06, followed by the BEMKE2E SID. Before takeoff I knew that at LOWI RWY26 was active so I had to fly ´all the way´ tot the RTTNB for the LOC26 approach. With my sim at some distance (70 kms) I enjoy the view below on a regular basis: Dutch coast near Callantsoog So have a nice summer time during the weeks to come. See you all for the last leg. Cheers Dirk
  7. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    And the story continues....... Today, Sunday, with two more legs that brings me on schedule again. Leg 120: LEVC to LFMN, 478 Nm on FL250 Route: LEVC SOPET UM985 BCN UN870 SOSUR UM976 MRM UY122 ABLAK LFMN Duration: 1hr57m Takeoff: 09:38z Landing: 11:36z Fuel used: 1702 kgs Metar departure: LEVC 020930Z 12104KT 060V190 9999 FEW025 24/10 Q1023 NOSIG Metar destination: LFMN 021130Z 18005KT 140V220 9999 FEW033 21/15 Q1016 NOSIG During flight preparation RWY30 was the active, but that had changed just before taxiing out to RWY12. While at the holding point, a Germanwings A319 landed on RWY30, so I had to 'line up and wait´ until it cleared the active. Then I got takeoff clearence and followed the SOPE4B SID being step-climbed untill levelled off at FL250. The rest of the flight along the Spanish east coast and then crossing the Mediteranian was a no-brainer. Crossing the coastline far west from the airport of Nice. Then the ABLA6R STAR for a VORA22L approach, MUS transition. That means you have to do it all by hand which is absolutely great fun to do. LUNCH. Leg 121: LFMN to LSZH, 358 Nm on FL180 Route: LFMN IRMAR UN853 MOBLO UZ662 LAMUR Z57 DOPIL LSZH Duration: 1hr24m Takeoff: 12:55z Landing: 14:19z Fuel used: 1432 kgs Metar departure: LFMN 021200Z 17004KT 9999 FEW033 22/15 Q1016 NOSIG Metar destination: LSZH 021400Z 21008KT 180V260 9999 FEW016 SCT035 BKN060 18/13 Q1023 NOSIG ATC gave me takeoff clearence less than one minute after the TO of a Lufthansa flight, so I waited 'the 2 minute rule' to be safe. Especially with only a 4 kt wind from the left, wake turbulence might still be there. Then takeoff from RWY22R, and then the IRMA6X SID. The scenery below was interesting although a bit blurred. I know, I can pause the sim and wait. But that is not ´my cup of tea´. One thing you can´t miss in this neighbourhood.... the top of the Mont Blanc: ATC was so kind to step me down 'on pilot's discretion' but I waited a while because the RWY28 approach is a very long one: Keeping in mind that ATC slows you down to 180 and later 160 knots starting at ZH204 that was a good thing to do. Otherwise I would have been too long in the bumpy clouds. So after the DOPI1G STAR there was the ILS RWY28 approach. It could also have been RWY16 because a Germanwings landed just before me on that one. Time to go nuts in Kloten (only Dutchies will smile now). Have a good one. Dirk
  8. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    One day later (Saturday July 1st)........ Not two, but three legs: Leg118A: LEMH to LEMG, 526 Nm on FL200 Route: LEMH EDULI UM603 ALT UN851 ROLAS LEMG Duration: 2hr15m takeoff: 09:29z Landing: 11:45z Fuel used: 2038 kgs Metar departure: LEMH 010830Z 02009KT 350V060 9999 -SHRA SCT025 FEW030TCU 18/16 Q1019 Metar destination: LEMG 011130Z 11009KT 080V140 CAVOK 24/12 Q1019 NOSIG It rained on Menorca, but while taxiing out to RWY01 the rain was gone but the RWY was still wet, so a lower V1. I followed the EDUL1H SID with U-turn and then over the airport heading Mallorca. On the turn to Mallorca's east coast The flight to Malaga was over a well known territory. I lived for seven years north of Alicante (LEAL). In that time I've been 5 times to the Costa del Sol by car for business trips. It is great fun to see the roads below that I enjoyed to drive on. Also the mountains near Granada and the Sierra Nevada (this time without white tops). While I was following the ROLA1Q STAR for an ILSY13/TOLSU approach which goes east first an then south later, I saw a Lufthansa A320 cutting corners and landing before me. AI does not fly SIDs and STARs, although UTL claims they do. Never mind. Time for a coffee and lunch stop. Leg 118B: LEMG to LPFR, 216 Nm on FL180 Route: LEMG NAPES NIRAK LPFR Duration: only 56 minutes takeoff: 13:12z landing: 14:09z fuel used: 744 kgs Metar departure: LEMG 011230Z 13008KT 080V160 CAVOK 22/16 Q1019 NOSIG Metar destination: LPFR 011330Z 22011KT CAVOK 25/09 Q1019 Taxiing out behing a Monarch A321 while a Lufthansa A320 was landing It was busy on Malaga airport (with AI on only 10%, otherwise my PC can't handle it). More AI would be more fun in the views on airport and on the radio but it has it's price on performance sadly enough. After takeoff from RWY13 ATC kept me on RWY-heading instead of the JRZ2H SID that I programmed in the FMS, but they vectored me to the NAPES WPT without letting me bump into a 'cumulus granitus'. The Q400 on low fuel was climbing like a rocket so no problem. After a short flight and changing the approach for RWY10 into the NIRA6A STAR/ILS28 (GEBTI transition) one. Nice landing and applause from the back (my wife just flushed the toilet). Then number three of the day: Leg 119, LPFR to LEVC, 429 NM on FL250 Route: LPFR TUPIX Y135 NAPES R47 YES B28 ASTRO LEVC Duration: 1hr58m takeoff: 15:31z landing: 17:29 fuel used: 1525 kgs Metar departure: LPFR 011430Z 24012KT CAVOK 24/12 Q1018 Metar destination: LEVC 011630Z 12009KT 080V160 9999 FEW025 26/09 Q1020 NOSIG This flight was over well known turistic places. I went on a guided bus tour through Andalusia in visiting all the 'must see' places in 2015. Something that takes a week instead of two hours, but you see and experience a lot more. Well then... Takeoff was from RWY28, then the TUPI8V SID that makes a U-turn over the sea and then north east. According to the SID, there is an altitude constraint of B6000 feet at TUPIX, but ATC cleared me direct to FL180 after takeoff which makes a lot more sense. Given the high temperatures, even the powerfull Q400 only climbes with 500 fpm over the last 3000 feet to FL250. I had to pause the sim for dinner and continued thereafter. The ASTR1P STAR and the ILSZ12/OPERA approach brought me back to LEVC where I've been several times in real life. S0 I know exactly where to go in the beautiful city Valencia. Cheers, Dirk
  9. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Back home for a few days I started up my PC´s and guess what... Microsoft has an update: W10 1703. I waited for the update process to finish, updated Navigraph and started P3D with my Q400 at Djerba (DTTJ). What is happening????? On my PFD and ND things are spinning around, there are weird figures on the MFD and the UTL dll killed his process. This is serious Sierra Hotel India Tango. So I restarted serveral times, left things out, and three hours later..... well.... I decided to go back to 1702. After that.....: back was my sim working as it should. ThankYou MS. So because of this, only one leg 'catching up'. (Knowing that others are at Zurich already.) Leg 117: DTTJ to LEMH (never been there before, so I picked that one), 575 Nm on FL240, later FL200 Route: DTTJ KBIRA TBK UG869 DOPEL UR723 TABOT UM739 ODAKA UZ924 RIPAL UM603 MORSS LEMH Duration: 2hr38m Takeoff: 14:01z Landing: 16:39z Fuel used: 1881 (this time I did not forget to make notes) Metar departure: DTTJ 301330Z 35007KT 320V020 CAVOK 34/22 Q1007 NOSIG Metar destination: LEMH 301430Z VRB01KT 9999 FEW025 22/15 Q1014 I prepared myself for a FRW09 takeoff, but the wind was 350 so ATC told me to go for RWY27. SInce I wanted to test the way to ask ATC for another RWY in PF3, I accepted a light tailwind on takeoff. After a very long takeoff run (in 34 degrees C) I followed the KBIR1A SID and levelled off nicely on FL240. Approaching the Tunesian coast When I reached the clouds you see above (just 4K above tops) it started to get bumpy and we had ICE. A bit later cloud tops were around us; With ice protention on and off and on and off, I decided to leave it on. I had to keep it on until halfway the MORS3F STAR for an ILS approach for RWY19. While in the STAR ATC kept me on FL60 and kept on telling me that untill after landing. That will mean a bug report for PF3. Hopefully I can do two legs tomorrow. Cheers, Dirk
  10. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Since I spend most of the time in our 'summer residence' (a static caravan with internet but without my flightsim gear) I've got some catching up to do during the short periods I'm home. This time only one leg. Leg 116: LIEO to DTTJ, 485 Nm on FL250 Route: LIEO VAVAX Q125 KOVAS M732 CAR M733 OSMAR UA725 TANIT UM731 TUC UA411 MON UN157 RIMSA UG362 LIRMI DTTJ Duration: 1hr56m takeoff: 11:52z landing: 13:48 (approximately, I forgot to mak notes) Metar departure: LIEO 171150Z 05009KT 030V090 CAVOK 30/20 Q1013 Metar destination: DTTJ 171330Z 02007KT 9999 SCT020 28/19 Q1013 NOSIG Takeoff was from RWY05, then the VAVA5A SID. A nice flight in outstanding weather. Approaching the coast of Tunesia Over Tunis city Shortly before the approach the wind was 360/6 and with RWY's 09-27 and only 27 with an ILS I guessed right that ATC would give me the 27 for an RNAV approach. I've been on Djerba in real life once (in 1974) so I can't say "boy what has it changed through time here...." :-) It might take some time until I can make the next leg. Until then.... Dirk
  11. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    It took some time to scramble my usual 72 PAX to get onboard the Q400 after loading only 1300 kgs of fuel for a short hop to Milan Malpensa. So this became leg 114c: LSZA to LIMC, only 67 Nm on FL60: The route was a no-brainer because SID and STAR are connected: LSZA SRN1W SRN SRN1H LIMC. The wind was 180/05 so a RWY19 departure (the easy one). I used flaps10 and Maximum Takeoff Power which gives a Vr of 121 kts. No problem. IAP was the ILS35RY NOV transition and I choose to make it a long field landing because that means less taxi time. Airtime was only 24 minutes using 393 kgs of fuel. AN then this week's two legs: Leg 115A: LIMC to LFKC, 213 Nm, on FL170 Route: LIMC LAGEN L50 UNITA M858 LIGUR LFKC Duration: 49min Takeoff: 10:10z Landing: 10:59z Fuel used: 792 kgs Metar departure: LIMC 210920Z VRB03KT CAVOK 22/04 Q1022 NOSIG Metar destination: LFKC 211030Z 32009KT 270V010 9999 FEW056 21/11 Q1020 NOSIG After takeoff from RWY35L I followed the FARA5C SID with an interesting scenery below. For me, enjoying the scenery is only possible during departures because my system is not giving me a detailed scenery during approaches. Most of the time on short final I see trees and houses popping out of the ground. I know. I can pause the sim on final and wait for P3D to catch up, but sometimes that takes so long, that I simply continue. So I was a bit surpised that after the LIGUR2 STAR on the LOC18 approach I saw this: Nice! The apron is all the way on the end of the RWY so I could let speed bleed off almost without reverse thrust. Then... my third flight of today: leg 115B: LFKC to LIEO, 196 Nm on FL150 Route: LFKC AJO UM733 CORSI LIEO Duration: 46min Takeoff: 12:25z Landing: 13:12z Fuel used: 792 kgs. Metar departure: LFKC 211130Z 32009KT 270V010 9999 FEW056 21/11 Q1020 NOSIG Metar destination: LIEO 211320Z 02010KT 340V070 9999 FEW035 25/06 Q1019 Because in PF3 ATC I can 'program' each RWY for Takeoff(36) only, Landing only(18), Both, or Not-in-use, I was able to get the right calls from ATC. Not that AI aircraft will follow that rules as I've seen with others. But since my AI slider is at 10% there were no other planes in the vicinity. Takeoff was from RWY36 and ATC stepped me nicely to FL150 via the AJO7C SID. This time (and because I adjusted a bit too much) ATC was very early with the descend 'at pilot's discretion'. This is mainly because PF3 ATC does not 'know' the length of the STAR (CORSI9) that goes overhead the field (SME) and then to the west. After a U-turn you have to lineup for the ILS of RWY05. It was a bit too much for my FMS, so I flew it manually. No problem. Only a few 'terrain' warnings. Let's see if we can find a hotel for the week to come. Cheers, Dirk
  12. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    @FlyingAxx Hi Axel, Thanks for the correction on Djerba. It has been a challenge to get to Lugano. I did the leg to Bari last week and two times I had to cancel Bari to Lugano mid flight. The first time because I was urgently needed elsewhere and the second time because my system failed. But... today (Saturday 20th of May) I succeeded. Here the reports: Leg 114a: LGKR to LIBD, 205 Nm, on FL200 Route: LGKR TIGRA L995 BRD P92 FASAN LIBD Duration: 57m Takeoff: 12:32z Landing: 13:30z Fuel used: 919 kgs Metar departure: LGKR 121150Z 16013KT CAVOK 26/11 Q1013 NOSIG Metar destination: LIBD 121320Z 09007KT 9000 NSC 27/15 Q1007 After takeoff from RWY17 I followed the TIGR2B SID and stepclimbed to FL200 My PF3 ATC is usually a bit late in stepping me down. Most of the time after the VNAV indicator on the PFD has gone down the sink. So I have to make some adjustment in the descent VS in PF3. Shortly, with 2200 fpm, I was back on VNAV again. Then the VORDX07 approach for RWY07 and that was it for this first part. Leg 114b: LIBD to LSZA, 490 Nm, on FL240 Route: LIBD VIE L612 ANC Z982 NEVMO VAKON SRN LSZA Duration: 2hrs01m Takeoff: 11:41z Landing: 13:42z Fuel used: 1690 kgs Metar departure: LIBD 201120Z 01008KT 9999 SCT030 24/13 Q1013 Metar destination: LSZA 201250Z 01011KT 330V060 9999 FEW090 SCT200 23/05 Q1015 NOSIG Takeoff was from RWY07 followed by the VIE5F SID, levelling off before its end at FL240. About 60 Nm south of Ancona I saw some towering cumulus right on my track. So I diverted a bit to the west to pass by a big one: Below there was a lot of lightning going on and a bit north of Ancona I had to divert to the west again because another one of those nasty clouds had chosen to be on my path. The more north I got however, the better the weather was, so I could prepare myself for the challenging approach to Lugano. Since my EFB is not that detailed, I checked the internet and found the Jeppesen charts. (Yes, of course, before takeoff) The apporach for RWY01 has a 6,5 degree glideslope (and an ILS). So at long final I was on flaps 35, geardown and Vref+5. That should do it and it did. In spite the low touchdown speed of 117 kts I had to go full on the brakes and reverse thrust, but it worked out fine. The length of the RWY is within limits for the Q400, but given the fields elevation of 914 I must probably be low on fuel and use Maximum Takeoff Power at the coming departure. Maybe I take a short hop to LIMC with my 72 pax tomorrow. Cheers, Dirk
  13. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hello all, Bach on track to go through the last batch crossing a bit over the south of Europe. Nice work Toby! It gives me a holiday feeling (being retired means that I have that feeling all the time, but hey, flying is fun). Leg 113 (or whatever the count is): LDSP to LGKR, 315 Nm on FL210 Route: LDSP RILIM L862 BRD L995 TIGRA LGKR Duration: 1hr 10 m Takeoff: 12:20z Landing: 13:31 Fuel used: 1103 kgs Metar departure: LDSP 101200Z 23009KT 9999 FEW040 19/10 Q1013 NOSIG Metar destination: LGKR 101320Z 26010KT 9999 SCT020TCU 22/12 Q1013 NOSIG I have Ultimate Traffic Live active for the first time (AI at 10% because otherwise it drains processing power) and PF3 ATC as well. So, on the TWR freq I heard that there was an 'Austrian 485' in the approach for RWY23. It landed while I was starting the engines, so no waiting to backtrack the RWY. After takeoff the RILI4F SID. ATC sure understood what step climb is: 3000, 4000, FL60, FL100, FL130, FL180 and finally FL210. Oveflying Brindisi, Italy The LGKR ATIS gave me RWY17 and that one is a bit narrow approach. If had followed the FMS it would have been a threshold base leg. Not my cup of tea in a Q400, so I asked for a 'pilot's discretion' and got it. Nice! On the VOR for the last part and then a greaser to please my PAX. A few days in Corfu and then for the next leg. Cheers, Dirk
  14. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    I figured out the ICAO codes for the last batch. Here they are: LGKR Corfu Greece LIBD Bari Italy LSZA/LIMC Lugano or Milan Malpensa Switzerland/Italy LFKC Calvi France LIEO Olbia Italy DTMB/DTJJ Monastir or Djerba Tunesia LEIB/LEMH/LEPA Ibiza or Menorca or Mallorca Spain LEMG/LXGB Malaga or Gibraltar Spain/UK LPFR Faro Portugal LERE/LEVC Requena or Valencia Spain LFMN Nice Cote d´Azur France LSZH Zurich Switzerland LSZR/EDNY Altenrhein or Friedrichshafen Switzerland/Germany LOWI Innsbruck Austria EDLP Paderborn Germany Have fun! Dirk
  15. A bit ahead of the 'official schedule' (not that I'm the only one) I decided to do the last two legs of this batch to Split today (Sunday, 16th of April). Leg 111 (or whatever the number is): LUKK to LHBP, 403 Nm on FL240/FL200 Route: LUKK NUNTA P90 UDSIG L140 NARKA LHBP Duration: 1h36m Takeoff: 10:19z Landing: 11:56z Fuel used: 1673 kgs. Metar departure: LUKK 160900Z 20008KT 9999 FEW049 14/09 Q1009 R26/120095 NOSIG Metar destination: LHBP 161100Z 29022KT CAVOK 14/M01 Q1013 NOSIG Takeoff was from RWY26 and then the NUNT1P SID. The cloud ceiling was a bit higher than announced in the ATIS at 7,000 ft. We were 'on top' at FL120 having a 43 kts headwind. Not so nice. So I descended to go for what AS16 initially adviced: FL200. A bit less full efficient and still a 38 kts headwind and the same groundspead. After a while I spotted a few TC's to the right of my track: For a short periode I had to flip the 'fasten seatbelts' switch. But only five minutes after that VNAV was active, so I had to switch it on again for the ILS approach for RWY31R. and then, after lunch, Leg 112 (the final one of this batch): LHBP to LDSP, 386 Nm on FL220 Route: LHBP GILEP DIMLO MAXUR ROKSA UL868 GISER L862 OKLAX LDSP Duration: 1h29m Takeoff: 13:02z Landing: 14:32z Fuel used: 1485 kgs. Metar departure: LHBP 161230Z 31020KT CAVOK 14/M02 Q1013 NOSIG Metar destination: LDSP 161330Z 35006KT 9999 FEW058 16/12 Q1011 NOSIG Pushback: Takeoff from RWY31L, then the GILE3D SID with a final limit at FL160. So I had 22 Nm on that level to go before I could climb further to FL220. ...climbing out over Budapest It started to get bumpy north of Zadar. There were CB's & lightning, but following our tracks we stayed just outside the clouds. A while before the descend it was done with the bad weather so I could prepare myself for the OKLA3C STAR and the ILSY05 approach. My Vapp was 139 kts because I was still a bit heavy, but after landing and hard on the brakes I could make it for the second exit. The scenery is from ORBX's free European airports: So, the Croatian Q400 is back home and I am off for a long vacation. Happy Landings, Dirk