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  1. THR REV

    Hi. It works OK with other planes and it is calibrated through FSUIPC correctly as described in CRJ manual. Not big deal. Now it is ok with switches activated with Power Levers full back. Thanks
  2. THR REV

    Hi Only way to activate T/REV was to assign F2 to switches which activates when pulling Saitek throttle all the way down (via FSUIPC) This is the only way in my case. Brgds
  3. THR REV

    Hi. I'm using Saitek throttle calibrated through FSUIPC. In CRJ manager I have FSUIPC without reverser range but I think same is with reverser range. Throttle is moving without problems through all detents. What settings are you suggest is the best? Thanks
  4. THR REV

    Hi I'm unable to activate T/REV. They are ARMED and I have green indication on MFD. At landing Ground Spoilers deployed but without T/REV activation. Should I see message on MFD if deployed? Thanks BRGDS E.
  5. VNAV explanation

    Thanks to all. Info about DIR/TO page helps a lot . BRGDS
  6. Hi As I wrote few posts above, for me in FSX, hotfix 5c is the best so far. I don't have weird NAV behavior. And NAV tracking in my opinion is better then in 1.004. I must admit I perform only short flight with TTL DIST 240nm but everything worked. Before hotfix 5c on same route I had a problem with GS capture. After hotfix 5c all OK. I will test more tomorrow and report
  7. Hi. I'm not sure that I fully understand how VNAV works in CRJ. For example on Q400 at TOD I will get V/DEV bar and activate VNAV mode. How to perform this in CRJ. At TOD there is no vertical guidance bar. I always thought that CRJ is more advance then Q400. Thanks BRGDS
  8. Hi In FSX It works for me with hotfix 5c. Fuel is transferred to DAVE. For PAX I didn't look but I will check tomorrow. BRGDS
  9. Hi Yes, for me hotfix solved nav issue. I didn't have problems in NAV mode (FSX). Also LOC and GS capture worked as it should . Great work Hans. P.S. Little off topic when entering route should I first enter SID or enter route without SID and later include SID? I entered as I enter in AIRBUS or Q400. Full route and then SID. But in CRJ in that case I have duplicate waypoint. BRGDS Edvardo
  10. Hi Same story in my case (FSX). I don't have a problem with LOC capture. GS is problematic. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Everything is set as should be. Below GS in VOR/LOC mode, freq and course set. LOC Active (GREEN), GS ARMED (White). GS never became active. In one case aircraft followed GS although GS was only ARMED (WHITE). I hope new hotfix will solve the problem with this basic function. Thanks
  11. Change default state

    Thanks guys Brgds Edvardo
  12. Hi How to set cold and dark as default state? Is it possible because every time when I choose CRJ a/c is with engines running. Thanks Brgds E.
  13. Hi Mathijs. I perform on this way: Choose Throttle 3 under CRJ Manager. Then in FSUIPC I assigned throttle3 to X45 steering axis and it worked. Thanks for great support Brgds Edvardo
  14. Hi Mathijs. Didn't have a time to check, just looked and it was not so clear what I should set under that option. As I remember I have MIXTURE AXIS, but If I choose that for example, what I should do the next. I'm not using assignments in FSX. Everything is set up through FSUIPC. Should I choose in FSUIPC MIXTURE AXIS and assign to my X45 or? Anyway I will try tonight after work. BRGDS Edvardo
  15. Hi guys. Is it possible and how, to set steering wheel independently from rudder? I tried to assign Steering axis via FSUIPC but then when using that axis rudder pedals also moves. What to choose in CRJ Manager under OPTIONS? If possible I prefer FSUIPC for setting up. At the moment I set Throttles via FSUIPC and it works OK. Same story for ailerons and elevator. I have Saitek X45 and Saitek Cessna Proflight. I would like to use one axis from X45 for steering. Thanks in advance BRGDS Edvardo