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  1. I'm also using the 737 for the short haul, as well as 717 and A318/20.
  2. Yes please. N870DC. It's because I have my own airline with FSP that I fly and I'm unfamiliar with painting planes.Nice to have a generic livery to support my airline. Thank you!
  3. Agree 100%... How many times have I had to go to Timbuktu Just to get home because every flight is full. CRJ200 IT IS!!!
  4. Wow I did not know that was a P3D specific thing. May be time for a changeover.
  5. The tyre check guy seems to be an AWESOME addition. I really hope we will also see it in FSX!!!
  6. Great to hear. Thanks so much!
  7. I think it has to do with the program coding that tells FSX where to park the passenger loading bridge. For example, with Feelthere's EMB 135, when I press ctrl j, the loading bridge parks at the main cabin door. On the EMB 145 however, something is seriously altered. If you summon the loading bridge on THAT aircraft, It will park on the tail!
  8. Hello Aerosoft team, I know you guys have an amazing product coming. Keep up the great work! Just a quick question, and it may have been asked before If so, then disregard. Will jet bridges be able to adapt to the forward exit/main cabin door? Like, with the Majestic Dash 8 there is no jet bridge adaptation, which is fine because with all the GSX vehicles buzzing around, its a very realistic environment in my opinion. Thank you for your time