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Night textures.

ATR72 Cpt.

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Hi there Aerosoft! I thought I'd start a new topic in regards to the fantastic McPhat ATR72.

After seeing the forum topics, I've found that two recent posts have addressed part of the issue - the logo light and the 2nd taxi light on the forward gear. I think that first of all, although I myself and many others have done this themselves, those suggestions should be incorporated into a new patch, though not urgent.

On that note, there is one other issue. See the picture below. At both day and night, the lit inside of the aircraft is clearly seen from the outside. I think something like this should be implemented (by reducing tint on the windows). Perhaps also the passenger cabin lighting should be brighter, and able to be altered.


Thirdly, lighting inside the cockpit should be increased, and three other lights can be seen in the below pic. The two side ones could be done like the other panel lights at the top left and right of the cockpit, and the one at the very top could be an actual x-plane light, therefore filling the cockpit with actual light, not texture lighting. Not to mention it would look realistically brighter from the outside too!


Cheers anyway, and I hope that these things could be done at some point.

The aircraft after all was mainly for eye candy!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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